George Steinbrenner- An Email Campaign For Election To The HOF

Rest easy, it's okay George M. Steinbrenner Photo Credit: New York Daily News

George Steinbrenner deserves election to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Thank you for taking the time to let the Hall know you want to see The Boss elected to the Hall by this year’s MLB Era Committee.

Follow these steps to send an email to the Hall of Fame urging the Committee to vote Steinbrenner in this year.)

1) Address your email to

2) In the subject line, write “Attn: MLB Eras Committee.”

3) Suggested text appears here, or you can make up your own.

“As a fan of baseball and the New York Yankees, I urge you to grant George Steinbrenner membership in the Baseball Hall Of Fame.

By definition, the Hall represents players and individuals who dominated baseball during the era in which they played or participated in another role. For 30+ years, George Steinbrenner stood alone as the owner of the New York Yankees. He settled for nothing less than winning, often digging into his own pockets to bring a winning team to the city of New York.

As a Committee member, he may have done battle with you, or you may have found yourself opposed to his brand of team ownership. But surely, you cannot deny George Steinbrenner the Championships and winning seasons he brought to the Yankees fan base.


4) Your sign-off.

Steve Contursi, Editor, Reflections On Baseball



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