Yankees: To Whom It May Concern From George M. Steinbrenner

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To whom it may concern in the Yankees family: I’m sure you share my disappointment with the way the season ended. I assure you it will not happen again. 

On behalf of the Yankees organization, first, let me congratulate my son, Hal Steinbrenner, for a job well done in holding to the $197 million luxury tax threshold this season. I was sick and tired of writing checks with the name Steinbrenner on them to these bottom feeders who take the money and run, instead of using the resource as a means to improve their team (Tampa Bay Rays and Oakland A’s, you get a pass this year).

In 2019, an extra $9 million is added, bringing to $206 million the amount the Yankees and all teams can spend before getting hit with the tax. That should be more than enough for Brian Cashman to put together a team whose goal is to finish with nothing less than to bring another, and long overdue, World Championship for the city of New York.

You may not realize it, but Hal burns with the same desires as his dad. It’s just that he’s more of a Teddy Roosevelt type, speaking softly while carrying a big stick. Me? Well, you know I’m more of a Donald Trump guy, roaring loudly even when no one is listening while carrying a big bat.

I will tell you this, though, and Brian, please pay attention. The Yankees will not be outbid or outwitted when it comes to signing or trading for ballplayers who can help my Yankees. The Yankees missed the boat last year on landing Justin Verlander or Gerrit Cole, both having the “Ace” tag legitimately next to their name. That can’t happen again.

And don’t try to sneak one in there on Hal with someone like a Patrick Corbin, who is a fine pitcher, but indeed not a number one. That’s your marching orders from the Steinbrenner’s, Brian, get us pitching. I don’t know who these guys are, that’s your job. But if you find someone, make your case to Hal, and I can assure you he will open the checkbook, no matter what the cost. Remember though; we’re done throwing money away, so don’t bring us a washed up Jake Arrieta or Clayton Kershaw.

Speaking of pitching, all this talk about the bright futures of guys like Justus Sheffield, Chance Adams, and Domingo German annoys me. Are they going to pitch for the New York Yankees, or not? I’m tired of listening to the hype with nothing to show for it. At the same time though, good job in announcing you’re dumping that deer in the headlights guy you got from Oakland last year. Send him to Kansas City where they love everybody.

The Yankees are ready for their next team captain. It’s up to Hal, of course, but I believe an announcement can be made mid-season and that co-captains are in order this time. Didi Gregorius and Aaron Judge would be my choices, assuming you decide to offer an extension to Gregorius. Not a biggie in the overall scope of things, though.

I have to tell you I’m not crazy about Aaron Boone. I wouldn’t fire him yet, but I’m sitting here wondering where that Billy Martin fire is in him. All is wonderful in Boone’s world, and there’s an upside to everything and everyone. How about a kick in the ass for Luis Severino once in a while? And this Greg Bird – what’s his problem? My managers were of a different breed. But that’s okay, Boone just annoys me.

And who the hell authorized the re-signing of the entire coaching staff, before I even had a chance to digest the horrific loss to the Red Sox? Are these guys made of Teflon or something? And I’m sure as hell not going to provide Larry Rothschild with a cane when he makes those visits to the mound to correct one of his protegees. You guys need to re-think that one.

Above all else, I expect to see a sense of urgency that I’m not sure you guys have yet. There’s no time to waste, and those meetings you’ve scheduled in Tampa with your staff, Brian, why weren’t they held yesterday?

I’m confident you will field a good team next year. But I expect to see a great team, Brian, like the ones you put together with the help of Gene Michael when you first took on the job as general manager. 2019 marks a decade since we won a Championship. That’s unacceptable….




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