What Aaron Boone Thinks About His Team When His Head Hits The Pillow

Aaron Boone: Forced to be the Yankees Spin Master (ESPN)

We know what Aaron Boone says about his Yankees team. But when his head hits the pillow at night, what can we surmise are his candid thoughts?

Aaron Boone, almost to a fault, is your quintessential player’s manager. He’s out there every day offering the media positive and then ultra-positive comments when pressed about injury updates, evaluations about the game just played, and why “things just didn’t go our way today.”

For the most part, we accept he’s simply doing his job by repeating that day’s talking points handed down by Brian Cashman. It comes with the territory, and we understand we are witnessing a carefully orchestrated script.

The Yankees Spin Doctor At Work…

But I and perhaps many of you can’t help but wonder what Aaron Boone thinks when he is alone and in the most private moments of his day, especially at night when he prepares himself mentally for more of the same tomorrow.

What thoughts spin rapidly through his head? They very well could be something like this…

Aaron Boone: My Pitching Staff

I like the aggressiveness of Brian (Cashman) in bringing Corey Kluber and Jameson Taillon in. Taillon has the heart of a thoroughbred racehorse, surviving testicular cancer and two arm surgeries to be here, and Kluber has those two Cy Young awards back at his house.

But honestly, I’m not sure either will have the endurance to give me what I’ll need from them in September and on into the playoffs. The same is true with Domingo German.

Why is <a rel=Adam Ottavino wearing a Red Sox uniform?
Why is Adam Ottavino wearing a Red Sox uniform?

Sometimes, I think of using a six-man rotation to space them out more, but then again, why upset the magnificence of Gerrit Cole taking the ball every fifth day – and more and more, I’m putting Jordan Montgomery in that same consistency sole.

Still, I’m thrilled and relieved we didn’t sign Trevor Bauer because he’d be a headache I don’t need.

Brian should have stood up to Hal (Steinbrenner) a bit more with this thing about the luxury tax, and when Adam Ottavino was let go solely to save $9 million – that hurt my bullpen a lot.

I like the guys down there for the most part, but I haven’t had time to figure out who my go-to guys are going to be, and I have nightmares about bringing Aroldis Chapman in the ninth inning of a do or die playoff game after what happened the last two years.

Aaron Boone: My Starting Lineup

Well, it’s the same one we had last year, so that should tell you something. The first call I make every morning is to our head trainer to see who’s ready to play and who isn’t.

<a rel=Gary Sanchez - Aaron Boone's Nightmare
Gary Sanchez – Aaron Boone’s Nightmare

I’m past the Aaron Judge debate about his health, and for the remainder of his career, I’m afraid he’ll always be “day-to-day” in my book. Ditto, Giancarlo Stanton – I’m just tired of the whole thing with both of them.

Everyone always wants a comment about Gary Sanchez, and I’m tired of that one too. Gary is a little boy trapped in a man’s body. He’s overly sensitive to criticism, which is why I have to look like an ass propping him up all the time.

I can barely watch Gary’s at-bats anymore, but I’ll keep sending him out there because that’s what I’m told to do.

I always liked Aaron Hicks when he was with the Twins. But he’s another one that drives me nuts with his overly cautious approach at the plate. I need doubles, not walks. But I will thank the Lord he’s at least healthy enough to play this year (fingers crossed).

I, Aaron Boone, made the offseason commitment for Clint Frazier to be my starting left fielder. I have no regrets about doing so, but now we’re in that in-between mode of giving Clint enough time and at-bats to be the player he can be. Lately, it’s been tough, especially with Brett Gardner (my hero) coming out of the gate hot.

Brian Cashman Longest Tenured Yankees GM And Tired? (NY Daily News)
Brian Cashman Longest Tenured Yankees GM And Tired? (NY Daily News)

Gleyber Torres is playing out of position, and Brian should be ashamed of himself for letting that happen. DJ (LeMahieu) can play third instead of second, and where were you (Brian) when Didi Gregorius went back to the Phillies (again!), and Andrelton Simmons went to the Twins?

Your answer, Brian, is Rougned Odor, who has yet to play a major league game at shortstop – really? Does Aaron Boone need to remind you (Brian) of what Ronald Torreyes did for us over the three years he was here? The consummate role player can fill in at short, second, and third, and he is now with the Phillies.

Psst, Don’t Tell Anyone – Aaron Boone Is Not A Happy Camper

Yes, Aaron Boone is not a happy camper.

This Yankees team is flawed, and there doesn’t appear to be any sense of urgency at the top to make necessary repairs, or for that matter, by some of the players themselves.

But Aaron Boone is a soldier, and you can be sure I’ll wake up in the morning to put my Spin Doc hat on once again, ready to spin more lies than Congressman Goetz can in a single sentence.

But otherwise, everything else is just fine, right, honey? What do you say we get a good night’s sleep…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

His thoughts why the hell did we trade for Stanton , why cant our SS field the dam ball .Why in the hell does judge get hurt every year . Why in hell the Yankees do not spend money like they did with other managers running the team . Can I please get a catcher that knows how to hit ,catch and play defense.I am a long time Yankee fan .This is what I read every day in the Yankee group in am in (Note: without grammar edification)
You should retitle this: Steve’s Thoughts on the Yankees.
This has zero to do with Boone. It’s a cheap and gimmicky vehicle for you to wax poetic about your own complaints. Throwing Boone’s name into this is super transparent.
Call it what it is.
He knows Sanchez is a waste, as well as Stanton at the plate. Wonders if he should play Frazier in right field, and finally ask the big shots to get him a real shortstop.
I don’t think he deserves to be fired. We NYY fans love to overreact. I’m not referring to the guy above me or ANYONE in particular… They’ve played 10 games! C’mon, he’s not out there hitting into DPs and striking out. These players need to step up IMO.
Yeah, I don’t blame Boone. I blame the players. They’re not getting it done. Plus, Boone is tasked with fitting square pegs in round holes. He knows he needs a shortstop. Cashman gets him another second baseman. Now we have three guys that play second base and 0 guys that play short.


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