Yankees: Used Up, Banged Up, Overpriced Players For Sale – Any Takers?

Yankees Brian Cashman: Too long in the saddle

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has magical trading skills, but he is not a miracle worker. Still, he built this “team,” it’s on him to destroy it.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has four days to make up for his sins of the past. He can only do this by giving the team a complete makeover and throwing overboard the deadwood.

Easier said than done, of course, because when you look at the players, he’s trying to deal (at least, hopefully, he is) – finding teams willing to play is a huge challenge.

The list is long, but begin with Luke VoitAroldis ChapmanClint Frazier – and I’d have feelers out there for Gleyber TorresJameson TaillonZack BrittonDomingo GermanGary Sanchez, and Aaron Hicks.

The fact is Cashman brought each of these players to the Yankees, and now it’s his job to move them elsewhere.

Yankees offseason target - Trevor Story (CBS Sports)
Yankees offseason target – Trevor Story (CBS Sports)

Whenever possible, mid-level prospects from trading partners should be the goal, but obviously, the price goes up for Torres or Sanchez.

With the relief of salaries, the Yankees can then focus on the offseason to sign Trevor Story, which allows Torres (if he’s here) to move over to second base, and DJ LeMahieu to first base.

Yankees: Hush, Be Quiet – It’s A Rebuild

The Yankees can never be tagged as a rebuilding team; it’s not their style. So, Cashman will need to put a spin on it, something he is more than capable of doing. I’ll say he’d go with something “Re-Tooling”.

But at this point in the Yankees season, what does it matter?

As currently constructed, the Yankees have only a small breath of air remaining in their lungs to nab the final Wild Card spot from the Oakland A’s, and all that does is qualify them for a do-or-die one-game playoff to get into the real thing.

Yankees hopefuls are still looking for Cashman to add (not subtract) a piece or two before Friday’s deadline.

To save face, and so later, he can blame the players as Hal Steinbrenner did a few weeks ago, Cashman still might do that, but it would be a mistake piled on other mistakes.

Yankees: Letting The Kids Play

Before the Boston series, we were uplifted by the regular appearance of young, speedy, and energetic talent in Aaron Boone‘s lineup.

Estevan Florial, Yankees Baby Bomber Photo Credit: NJ.com
Estevan Florial, Yankees Baby Bomber Photo Credit: NJ.com

Greg Allen, Estevan Florial, Tyler Wade, and even the older adult in the group at 32, Ryan LeMarre, gave the Yankees a much-needed new look.

They all failed at Fenway this weekend, but they also gained experience, and that strategy needs to continue and grow.

It’s called addition by subtraction, something the Yankees and Cashman are not used to doing.

Whether we like it or not, Hal Steinbrenner did a good thing for the Yankees when he tightened the screws on Cashman, saying no more to Cashman’s penchant for bringing in high-priced but little return players.

Yankees: Those Nasty Rumors…

Rumors still abound that the Yankees are fully invested in acquiring left-slugger Joey Gallo from the Texas Rangers.

Also, The Twins have had preliminary trade discussions involving outfielder Max Kepler, according to MLB.com’s Jon Morosi. Last week Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported the Yankees are among the clubs to inquire about Kepler.

In a different season, both of these trades make sense for the Yankees and their reported interest in starting pitcher Jose Berrios from the Twins.

But if it means digging into the Yankees farm system, as Cashman is prone to do, then all bets should be off the table.

On the other hand, if the Twins are willing to take Luke Voit, Clint Frazier, and Aaron Hicks (who came from the Twins) off our hands, then I say it’s all system go.

The Yankees have plenty of nails but no hammer, and Brian Cashman would be wise to realize that before he takes the plunge again…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Jeff Dellolio He’s got a 208M dollar payroll in shambles. Any other GM in baseball given that much money to spend and has the record this team has would be shown the door! See Ya!!

Stanislav Zak No reason to destroy the team – just the manager, it should suffice. You don’t replace a luxury car when the lead wheel fails. Just replace the wheel.

Gregory Rush get rid of Boone

Robert Chigi The reality of the current YANKEE crisis,(for lack of a better word) is that Cash allowed JETER to pull the wool over his eyes and had him take Stanton off his payroll. Baseball today has become too specialized for any team to pay $29 million a year to a one-dimensionalplayer. Especially if that player doesn’t command that big paycheck.
When Cash signed Ellsbury they had the same player in Gardner, Stanton was signed when JUDGE was already here. Mirror image signings.
Cashman and Girardi had a power struggle and Hal picked Cash. Boone benefited, we didn’t.
Joe Cavanagh Stanton? Torres? Hicks? Voit? Gardner? Frazier? Chapman? WORTHLESS
Orlando PriceI don’t think we have anything of value on the big club that will make teams want to jump at a trade. The players that needed to perform as of late to make them viable trade options are either out or not playing well. I don’t see any moves made unless they are no-brainers like a Voit Frasier for Gallo type deal but even then I don’t see it happening. I think it will be off-season moves and a lot of spring training deals.
Terry JordanHe built this team and there is definitely talent here..But is it the right combination of talent to win it all..That has not been proven yet and I for 1 doubt that it is..
Janice ChambersIt is his call all the way Boone is just doing what he is told by him 1st
Angel DeDios GonzalezIt’s time for the Yankees to build on a new foundation, the core 4 era was over and we need a fresh start rebuilding mode…New GM, new Team President new Manager, and new core players in the feature
Gene VanAmburgh Jr.Outside of Aaron Judge, who on this Yankee team would bring back a top player in a trade, DJ isn’t going anywhere, Oshela isn’t going anywhere, not sure what Voit would bring, Cashmans hands are tied
Steven KenworthyAny other team in baseball that has gone through what the Yankees have recently would have either fired their manager or pulled a blockbuster trade by now. Nope, not Cashman’s Yankees. Status Quo
Anthony RazzaYankees did a financial favor to one Derek Jeter! Let’s face it. Nobody would have jumped on him but the Yankees. Dodgers perhaps, but, Jeter wasn’t going to wait. He belongs in the N. L. as well. We took this one dry in the pant. All true, but if we’re patient, the Yankees can unload Stanton to an NL team when the universal DH kicks in for 2022. Expected Rendevous: Dodgers
Dave Raponi A month ago Yanks had the biggest chip out there with Chapman. He could waive his no-trade clause to teams, not on the west coast and would have brought a nice load of talent . Now his value has dropped as has Greens . . I see no solution to yanks issues that one trade solves and they are stuck with Stanton’s contract. It’s a major cluster and i think Yanks are dumb to give up to much to chase a one-game crap shoot. Retool for next year

Closing Published Comments And Final Thoughts

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I’m still stunned by the number of Yankees fans who want Boone’s head, and who remain blinded by the overall failure of the team, from top to bottom.

Nevertheless, most agree the Yankees need a major makeover.

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