Yankees: On Seeing Why Aaron Boone Raves About Tyler Wade

Yankees Super-Sub Tyler Wade

While the Yankees have had some outstanding role players over the years, Tyler Wade continues to raise eyebrows – why is he still here? 

How can the Yankees have a player on their team for five seasons, with a career average under the Mendoza Line (.196), a .280 OBP, and capped by an OPS of .586 – and he’s still here?

The target of ridicule here and elsewhere, Aaron Boone knows why Tyler Wade is still on the Yankees team, and he’s got the ammo to prove it. We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let’s go to a play Tyler made last night in the ninth inning to save Corey Kluber‘s no-hitter.

Forced to enter the game when recently acquired Ryan LaMarre was forced to leave the game with an injury, Boone signaled to Wade to head out to right field.

A man of many positions, the outfield is not one of Wade’s best. But last night, playing out of position, which Paul O’Neill duly noted on the YES telecast, Wade came through with this catch (seen during the complete telecast of the ninth inning)

Would Aaron Judge have caught that ball? Probably, but it was Wade who got a good jump on the ball, saying later he knew he would catch it; the only question was would he get there in time or need to slide making a diving catch.

Ironically, it was only a month or so ago when the Yankees sent Tyler Wade to the alternative site and gave his roster spot to Rougned Odor, whom they acquired from the Rangers.

Faced with the enviable task of telling Wade his misfortune, Boone went out of his way to have a sit-down with him, and to reiterate “that I (Boone) still think that he’s going to play a big role on this team this year going forward,” Boone later told reporters.

By now, an accomplished major league veteran at 26, Tyler Wade took it all in stride, doing what he was told to do by Boone – “Stay in shape, and be ready”

Just like last night and many nights before – be ready.

After the game, the sheer joy of playing this game and being with the Yankees came shining through, as the “brown-eyed handsome boy” spoke with Yankees media:

Yankees Tyler Wade: Drilling Deeper

Yankees not so secret weapon - Tyler Wade
Yankees not so secret weapon – Tyler Wade

As with most who struggle with the bat, Wade hits better swinging at the first pitch (.286), but once the count moves to two strikes, he tails off to where his overall career average sits (.196).

Wade also has trouble when men are on base (.206), but he does have thirteen steals in those situations and has gotten caught only four times. He fairs better facing finesse pitchers (.239) as opposed to power pitchers (.133).

Always reliable in the field, Wade owns a perfect 1.000 percentage playing shortstop with no errors, and a .982 percentage at second base, committing only four errors, with more than 500 chances.

Yankees: Boone Is Right – This Guy’s A Keeper

When it comes to being a role player in the major leagues, some can do it, some can’t, and some refuse to do it.

Tyler Wade sees his role with the Yankees, and not only does he accept it, but he also blends into it perfectly.

Only 24, Wade still makes slightly more than the major league minimum, but he will be eligible for his first of three arbitration years after this season and sure to crack the million-dollar mark.


 The Yankees picked up another win against the Rangers this afternoon by a score of 2-0. Tyler Wade was rewarded with another start in right field, but was hitless as Domingo German twirled another gem, with key RBI’s delivered by Aaron Judge and Gio Urshela as the Yankees rose to six games over .500.

Looking for someone to cool of the Tampa Bay Rays, winners of seven straight, the Yankees themselves are winners of seven of their last ten.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Jl Lofty little league manager with his favorite player

Ira Rothholz I’ve have been a supporter of Tyler from the very beginning. His versatility is second to none. You also cannot teach his versatility. His stick is coming alive like his triple yesterday. He also has a good baseball ⚾️ mind. Thank You for your post.

Dusty Hayden Probably because he is a solid defender. Dude rarely makes an error

Timothy Long  Speed

Reddy Martinez  He can any position except catcher and pitcher, and he plays them very well. He has a strong arm. He has speed. I think he should try to hit the the left side and bunt for a hit once in a while.

Shelley Puls Tamasi Evidently you missed the game last night. Things could have been quite different without him. And LaMarre getting hurt so he played. Everything aligned perfectly for history to be made!

Jeff Ralston  The man has a job on the club. He plays great defense and can steal a base. We fans want him to hit 350 and become Ted Williams but that ain’t gonna happen. But he certainly justifies his roster spot.

Mark Malmut  My understanding is that he lets the other players beat him at Super Mario.

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