Yankees: Okay, Is There Anything Left To Say – Or Should There Be Hope?

Yankees fans waiting patiently, but for how long? ( NorthJersey.com)

As the Yankees limp home to face Shohei Ohtani from Fenway, if your mouth isn’t open, mine is. Is this team playing possum, or is this it?

No Yankees fan, even one like myself whose allegiance stretches back to more than a half-century, want to wave the white flag on a season.

Gerrit Cole: Frustrated as we all are
Gerrit Cole: Frustrated as we all are

Not only would it be against the tradition behind baseball’s most storied franchise, but it would cast a spell on a season only half over.

And yet, how is a Yankees fan supposed to find the glass half full when their best pitcher, Gerrit Cole, fails to deliver a “must-win” on a day that only be said to be embarrassing, as the Red Sox make it look easy in sweeping the series at Fenway, leaving them undefeated in six games against the Bombers.”

Oh yes, I know there are still fourteen games remaining with Boston, but as John Sterling said today to open the Yankees radio broadcast, “If the Yankees can’t beat the Red Sox (add the Rays), what are their chances of winning the AL East”?

Touche, John, and good for you in calling it “as you see them.”

Yankees And The Silver Lining

Go ahead and try to find the silver lining in the Box Score as I write this in the seventh inning.

You can’t, nor can I; no one can. All we can do is prepare ourselves for the inevitable post-game press conference, with Aaron Boone reminding us, “It was a tough day, but we’ll be there tomorrow.”

Comments from readers keep telling me I’m too negative, and no (real) Yankees fan ever gives up on the team.

I say, show me something to write and feel otherwise.

Sandy Koufax did not pitch for the Red Sox. It was Eduardo Rodriguez, who after arm surgery is down to two pitches and a fastball that reaches only 93mph – and yet he records seven strikeouts – and counting against the Yankees?

It’s happening, so don’t blame me.

Yankees: Tear The Team Apart

So, what’s the alternative? I’m going back to an earlier article I published today.

Burn the team and start all over.

Yankees: Time to burn 'em to the ground and start over
Yankees: Time to burn ’em to the ground and start over

Cut the deadwood, as good as some of them are, in return for nothing but top-level prospects who are no more than a year away from contributing to the Yankees – and don’t look back.

Clint FrazierJameson Taillon, Gary SanchezLuke VoitBrett GardnerRougned OdorAroldis Chapman, and possibly more (Stanton if a team will take him for a bag of peanuts), would all be gone.

What, the Yankees in a rebuild? You betcha, because this is getting us nowhere.

That’s not naysaying, my friends. That’s writing a new script for a team that is badly in need of a makeover.

A script that turns the page to write a new chapter in the Yankees legacy and one that lives up to a winning tradition we will not see this year.

Like you, I will always root and follow the Yankees, but I’ve seen enough this season to know this is not a team that is made to compete with the Red Sox and Rays, let alone the White Sox, Dodgers, Giants, or whoever they meet should they make the playoffs as a Wild Card.

Just sayin’…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Greg Mandigo Let the bat boy and the interpreter play can’t be any worse

Elisa Granata- Poitras Hope is fading.

Mac MacFarlane Cashman must go. He has no clue on how to build a ball club. Here are three hints.

Pitching, pitching, pitching.
Defense up the middle.
Balanced lineup.
One Championship in 20 years. And the one in 2009 was store-bought. Tex, CC, and AJ.
Picks a manager with NO Managerial experience. The team does not play hard or smart for him. That is a terrible sign.
A hitting coach with a lifetime .246 average.
Derek Jeter must laugh to himself every nite knowing how stupid he made Cashman look in the Stanton trade. Oakland must be laughing at the Sony Gray deal. That kid is going to be an all-star that Cashman let go. He thought he was so smart.
Giving Boston the Big O. Already came back to bite Cashman in the ass.
Get someone in there that can build a World Series championship team.
He has done a terrible job and deserved to be fired.
Pay Theo Epstein whatever he wants. Get him out of retirement. He is living in NY anyway.
Get Buck Showalter back on the bench and get him to handpick his successor. Bring Paul O’Neil on board as the hitting coach and bring David Cone along as pitching coach.
Ask the Padres what a great pitching coach can do for a team. Oh, yeah…. He used to be our pitching coach
Terry Brown This is IT. No chemistry or personality. Just a bunch of individuals getting thumped.
John Miller They are just a bad team. Been following this team for 59 years. This team will go down in Yankee history as one of the worst. A few good players and a lot of overrated, underachieving busts. Love the yanks but they are very hard to watch this season and last.
Greg Bradt This is who they are. It is what it is. Their problem is systemic from recruiting to putting the finished product on the field. Compare them to all the teams ahead of them in the AL East. Tampa consistently puts a team of no names on the field that win. Where do they find them? Toronto with Guerrero, Bichetteand Biggio, all coming up together. The Yankees homegrown core four Jetter, Mariano, Pettitte, Posada, throw in Bernie was a long time ago. It seems the Yankees take twice as long to develop a player in the minors than any other team. Our rookies are 24 years old. Mantle was 19. VLAD Jr. was 20. Jeter was 21.
Nelson Munoz This team is dead in the waters. Time to blow it up and try a different approach other than all or nothing. Give Gardner his day and DFA and give some fresh blood an opportunity and see what they got. They might just infuse some motivation like in 2017 and we sat McCann, Tex and Arod retired Beltran was traded. Boone too laid back and Giradi was too uptight so need something in the middle but who? Gardner as manager for you Gardy fans. Yankees should be sellers this year
Michael Franklin It’s over Steve… Over 😔
Thomas Wityak Torres is sleeping on duty. He hasn’t a clue what is happening
Thomas Egan Absolute disgrace! No heart, no character, no fight! Could you imagine Munson, Nettles, Jeter, Posada, Etc playing on this team? Ridiculous to think we just sit here year after year with the same players, no changes, and somehow think oh this is the year?!?

Closing Of Comments And Final Thoughts

It’s unanimous. Yankee fans are in a state of shock and the “team” is mortally wounded. 

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