Yankees – Josh Hader: Okay Brian, I guess if you feel you must have him

Brian Cashman Yankees stealth bomber (Photo: Newsday)

The Yankees and this means Brian Cashman appears to be enamored by Josh Hader. The Brewers are asking an arm and a leg in return. If you must, I guess.

The Yankees, the team that perennially ignores pitching in favor of a power-laden lineup producing a ton of runs, appear to be on a hunt that makes the addition of Gerrit Cole only a teaser.

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With the same zeal and zest, he used to lock up Cole, and Brian Cashman is on a quest to pry Josh Hader, one of the most feared relievers in the game today, from the Milwaukee Brewers.

I could have sworn I read somewhere the Yankees have the best bullpen in the major leagues, but it’s my lying eyes again because we need Josh Hader too.

Yankees: A case of going all-in?

I suppose this is what happens when a team like the Yankees says enough is enough, and this (losing) has gone on for far too long.

Yankees fans will recall a similar time when George Steinbrenner said the same thing in December of 2008, spurring the Boss to sign CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira, moves which ultimately led to the Yankees last World Championship in 2009.

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Luxury tax and all that too – be damned.

Reports are flying through the air faster than a stealth bomber, but one thing is clear. The Brewers are out for the jugular.

No matter which reports, Miguel Andujar is history as a Yankee. Other reports include Clint Frazier in the deal, which another has Andujar, Frazier, and a top Yankees prospect in the only trade Milwaukee will listen to.

Josh Hader: Let the buyer beware

There’s more to this than just the price attached to Hader. There’s Josh Hader himself and the caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) sign on his back.

Surely, Cashman is aware of the burnout rate attributed to flame-throwing relievers, especially when they have been overused.

And just as surely, Cashman has to have asked himself why the Brewers are dealing one of the top relief pitchers in the game today – as if he would consider trading Aroldis Chapman?

The burnout and overuse issue is something I tackled last week in an article where the details are provided. The argument remains a strong one.

Yankees: In Brian we trust

Still, when in doubt, trust Brian Cashman. And if he feels the Yankees need Hader, then so be it.

Josh Hader will not impact the Yankees payroll significantly. As a player MLB refers to as a Super 2 player, Hader is eligible for arbitration a year sooner beginning this season. He will not reach free agency until 2024.

Given his 2019 salary of $687,600, Hader might top out at $2.5 to $3 million for 2020. A rounding error for the Yankees and that alone makes this is a good trade for the Yankees.

Brian Cashman - the man with a magic touch (Photo: nesn.com)
Brian Cashman – the man with a magic touch (Photo: nesn.com)

Cashman is a strong negotiator, but given the attention, Hader is receiving from several other teams, he may need to fold his tent or succumb to the loss of Andujar for sure and most likely Frazier as well.

The Yankees get points for the spirit in which they are pursuing the offseason. The all-in to win-it is something Yankees fans have been pleading for while Hal Steinbrenner went through his no luxury tax snit for two years.

The more, the merrier, I guess. And who besides the Brewers wouldn’t want the arm of Josh Hader on their team…

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