Yankees: $ign Patrick Corbin, Relax And Enjoy The Holidays

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The Yankees watch as the bidding war for Patrick Corbin escalates every day. He’s the self-prescribed free agent they want. $ign him and be done with it.

The Yankees, since day one of the offseason and even before that in July last season at the trade deadline, have not shied away from reports that Patrick Corbin is their guy. Corbin himself has let slip his desire to be a Yankee. The poor guy even gets ambushed at his wedding, as reported on by Ken Rosenthal:

Patrick Corbin: Ken Rosenthal Tweet

Now, it’s likely that some of those attendees had visions of sugarplums and free Yankees tickets dancing in their heads, but for many ballplayers, there’s always a sentimental pull to be able to perform in front of friends and family. It recalls the Glory Days when the player “threw that speedball” by all comers in high school, commanding all headlines in the local sports pages.

For Patrick Corbin, those days were in Clay, New York, which was named after famed American statesman, Henry Clay. A diminutive town of around 58,000, it still ranks as the most populated suburb of Syracuse, New York, where once the NBA hosted the Syracuse Nationals, New York State hosts its annual State Fair, and where the New York Mets Triple-A farm team will play their games beginning this season.

Patrick and Jen Corbin Photo Credit: heavy.com
Patrick and Jen Corbin Photo Credit: heavy.com

Of significance, Patrick Corbin met his wife Jen while they were attending Cicero-North Syracuse High School (WIKI). There are roots planted, and it’s only a matter of how deep they are when it comes to Corbin deciding where he will pitch in 2019, and beyond.

Riding around in limos for a week in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and finally, New York City, Jonathan Corbin, and his spouse have had plenty of time to think about it. He watches as zeros keep being added to his purported value, but soon the time of decision will arrive. And that’s where the Yankees can step in.

If we assume the Yankees saw nothing to change their mind about Corbin during the face time they spent with him and Jen, then it behooves the Yankees to take the reins, reeling Corbin in, even if it means a few extra dollars, or perhaps a year more on the contract they would prefer for him to sign.

With all the hoopla surrounding Patrick Corbin, many fans might think he’s a number one. He is not, and if slotted into the Yankees staff, Corbin would be their number three behind James Paxton and Luis Severino. Even with the Phillies and Nationals if he signed there, Corbin would at best be a number two, respectively behind Aaron Nola and Max Scherzer.

On the flip side, if Patrick Corbin meant everything he said about his dreams of playing at Yankee Stadium for the Yankees, then he too might need to loosen the reins a bit, putting aside what his agent, who is also drooling over a big payday, is probably telling him, and get this thing done.

After all, for Patrick and Jen, there is a practical side to this event in his life. The couple will need to decide where they wish to spend the summer months. A Manhattan apartment, or maybe a house on Long Island, or in Westchester County? – they’ll need these next two months to find what they decide on, and get settled in before February arrives and it’s time to do the same thing in Florida for Spring Training.

Unless the Yankees revert to trades to strengthen their rotation, focusing on a Corey Kluber or “Mad Bum,” Corbin is it in the free agent market.

Instead of prospects dealt in trades, all Corbin will cost the Yankees is dollars. The Yankees have dollars. Wrap it up, tie it with a big bow, and everyone enjoys the Holidays.

Written by Steve Contursi, Editor, Reflections On Baseball

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