A Yankees fan’s Christmas wish list to brighten up the season even more

Yankees fans Santa wish list

For Yankees fans, Christmas has come early. But there are some smaller gifts we can use. Here are a few ideas to make the season even brighter…

  • Yankees fans we wish that Luke Voit and Mike Ford battle it out in Spring Training so that the Yankees and Aaron Boone have no choice but to platoon them at first base, giving the team the best of the skills they bring every day.
  • We wish Alex Rodriguez would stop having so much fun with his life as it is today.
  • We want to see James Paxton be all that he can be, just as he was on that night when he spun a no-hitter for Seattle.
  • Put a star on this one, Santa. We want to see Gleyber Torres make the All-Star team as the fans choice, not as the replacement he was last year – and because he is wildly having an even better season than last year.
  • If you can deliver miracles Santa, can you make it so Giancarlo Stanton plays in a minimum of 140 games this season?
  • If our wish is your command, can you dig into the soul of Gary Sanchez, trying to find the key as to whether or not he is gary sanchez or Gary Sanchez? We’re tired of asking this question.
  • Whatever you do Santa, make sure Ken Singleton doesn’t change his mind to broadcast around 25 games on the Yankees YES Network.
  • Do the Yankees get a gift-wrapped present naming Aaron Judge as Team Captain. Or, do you want to wait on this one, Santa?
  • What do you think, Santa? Doesn’t Andy Pettitte deserve a bonus for the role he played in bringing Gerrit Cole to the Yankees? We wish it so.

If you “can’t have ’em all” (Cashman)..

Brian Cashman reminded us so eloquently when he was justifying his inability to sign Patrick Corbin (Nationals) and Manny Machado (Dodgers) last year or trade for Dallas Keuchel (Braves) at the deadline – that “you can’t have ’em all.”

So, okay. Let’s trim the list down. What do the Yankees (really) need?

Gary Sanchez - The Look Of Despair (Photo: newsday.com)
Gary Sanchez – The Look Of Despair (Photo: newsday.com)
  • Gary Sanchez has spent ten seasons, including the minor leagues, trying to become a major league catcher.The Yankees will tell you he is a hard worker, but I will say to you as a retired teacher some students “reach their Harvard” sooner than what is required – because they don’t “get it.”

Sanchez owes the Yankees more than they owe him. They’ve tried every which way they know. And I’m afraid in this day and age of baseball, power and home runs is not enough.

Especially when Brett Gardner of all people can figure out a way to slam 28 home runs with Gleyber Torres adding 38 bombs.

Sanchez, number one, needs to find a way to stay healthy – 106 games as the Yankees “regular” catcher doesn’t cut it – especially given the loss of Austin Romine to the Tigers.

Giancarlo Stanton, Yankees Strikeput King (Photo: Pinstriped Alley)
Giancarlo Stanton, Yankees Strikeout King (Photo: Pinstriped Alley)
  • Giancarlo Stanton should be an embarrassment to himself when he looks in the mirror.How is it that one player with a body chiseled from stone can suffer so many injuries in such a short period?

It’s not a question of money, the Yankees have budgeted for Stanton’s whalelike salary at least for now.

No, it’s a question of whether or not Stanton is the MVP the Yankees traded for or a mirage in the desert who’s fooled them all?

Stanton’s character suggests otherwise, but there comes a time when it’s put up or shut up in this league, and Stanton is perilously close to wearing out his welcome with the very patient Yankees.

Deliver those two to the Yankees, Santa – and all is well

The Yankees, courtesy of Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner are already a complete team. They will walk their way through the exhibition – excuse me – regular season with an eye focused solely on October.

Yankees and the postseason crapshoot (Photo: dailymail.uk.co.com)
Yankees and the postseason crapshoot (Photo: dailymail.uk.co.com)

But for Yankees fans tuned in to nearly all games, the regular season does mean something. We have players we follow.

And we get frustrated when the Yankees beat the White Sox in a meaningless game 6-2 – and we’ve had to watch the agony of Stanton striking out twice with men on base – or maybe not even being healthy enough to play.

Likewise (and forget about his teammates), having to endure Sanchez firing that “gun” of his into centerfield allowing the go-ahead run to score in the same game that he blasts a meaningless 450 ft. home run in the eighth inning with the Yankees down by five.

No thank you.

Trimming the list – did it work?

The Yankees are made for Number 28. The addition of Gerrit Cole alone says so. No dice shoot is necessary.

But it takes the full complement of the 26 players in the clubhouse to make it happen. No matter how you rationalize it, Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez have hurt more than helped the Yankees in their quest for that elusive parade down Broadway.

Only winners get to wear – and keep – the pinstripes. The keyword being keep…and do Sanchez and Stanton fit that bill, Santa?

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