Yankees: Cole Has A Poor Outing But Where Was The Rest Of The Team

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Yankees ace Gerrit Cole had an atypical start today while the offense was in its most typical form as the “Bombers” drop a game to the Rays.

The Yankees can’t seem to get beyond the first chapter they are writing for this season. So, Gerritt Cole had an unusually ineffective start today, managing only five innings while yielding five runs on 92 pitches, only five of which went for base hits.

Clint Frazier, New York Yankees Outfielder (Photo: SI.com)
Clint Frazier, New York Yankees Outfielder (Photo: SI.com)

But that was it as the Yankees offense did not answer the call again, scoring only two runs on six hits and going 0-7 with runners in scoring position (RISP). Okay, so Nick Nelson came on relief, allowing three runs to put the game further out of reach, but where was the oomph to at least get back in the game?

Aaron Boone isn’t helping either because with all the analytics in his bible, why hasn’t he noticed that when Clint Frazier is batting ninth as he was in yesterday’s win, he has a slash line of .381, .581 OBP, .714 SLG, and a whopping 1.295 OPS.

Today, he moved up to sixth, and he goes 0-4. Coincidence? Maybe, but most likely not.

Today’s Box Score tells you all you need to know about the 2021 version of the New York Yankees. DJ LeMahieu (bless his heart) is batting .255, with no sign of regaining the touch and feel he had last year.

Giancarlo Stanton is in and out of Boone’s lineup (out today), depending on how his ability to play temperature is measured on any given day. Even when he’s been in the lineup recently, Stanton has been unable to regain the promising start he had at the beginning of the season (1-16 with nine punchouts in his last five games played).

So, if you think about the Yankees (realistically), you need to begin watching the Wild Card Standings more than the regular standings.

Source: MLB
Source: MLB

Yankees: Just Who Are These Guys?

Picked by most to face the Dodgers (who have their own problems) in the World Series, this Yankees team will be fortunate to be one of the two Wild Card teams facing off in a one-game playoff to see who moves on.

What if Gerrit Cole, the Yankee’s expected starter in that game, has an off-day like he did today? Who will be there to pick him up?

This is the Yankees team for better or worse this year, and there are no reinforcements on the way.

Brian Cashman: From intern to Yankees decision maker two decades later in 2021
Brian Cashman: From intern to Yankee’s decision-maker two decades later in 2021

With no more than $2 million to spend before exceeding this year’s luxury tax threshold and Hal Steinbrenner holding firm, Yankees GM Brian Cashman has nowhere to go, now or at the upcoming trade deadline in July.

Though he’d like to dream as a way of atoning for his sin in taking on Stanton’s ridiculous contract, what team on this planet would trade for him?

The Yankee’s farm system – what of it? – except for Estevan Florial, Cashman has no one to offer who is major league ready, and even that’s a stretch. Of Michael King and Deivi Garcia, they are where they belong at Triple-A, learning how to pitch – not throw to major league hitters.

The Yankees Are Transparent To Everyone

This is not an unfamiliar dialog with Yankees’ fans, nor is it a secret around the league.

There is still time to turn this thing around, and lord knows Aaron Boone will keep reminding us of that, but the changes are going to have to come from within – not from without.

Aaron Judge and Gio Urshela can’t do it by themselves. The rest is pinned on Gleyber Torres to tighten up his defense, Le Mahieu to be LeMahieu, Frazier to continue raking, Luke Voit to find strength in his legs that support his bulk, and for the pitching staff to continue to hold the Yankees up until any or all of this happens.

Are you a believer, or are you beginning to move to a position as a fence straddler, where I sit now until they show me something…?

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Joe Impalli If you’re going to mention Cole’s poor outing, then please mention Frazier’s miserable throw home. He had Zunino out by 4 steps… except his throw was 5 steps up the 3rd baseline. It’s a 2-1 game after 5 if he makes a decent throw.

John Allan At this rate, they WILL NOT get a wild card spot. Thank goodness the Orioles are in the AL East or we’d be the worst team in the division.

Salvatore F. Salamone Weird when Cole is not on his game. Not sure how to react.

Kevin Durocher Because I have been saying for over four years now, they don’t have anyone on that team who can hit. Aaron Judge is so overrated you want to puke, Lamaheau’s thinking too much about his 90 mil, Gardner is old. Stanton, blah blah blah, Sanchez should be back in fifth grade he’s so awful. No left-handed hitters. My God Judge I believe left at least seven men on base by himself yesterday. Torres should not be allowed on the field. Odor should stick to boxing. Thames isn’t smart enough to be a batting coach for a little league minor league team. How many times do the Yankee fans have to keep watching, second and third and no outs, can’t score? When was the last time they had two hits back to back? Going on twelve years now folks. Awfully embarrassing. Anyone ever notice that in extra innings, if they win, not by base hits most of the time, passed ball, wild pitch, error. Alright, Frasier came through last night, once. Author’s Note: It’s always good to get these things off your chest.

Geo Junior Joe Impalli He had a game-saving catch and walk HR the night before. C’mon man. Cole didn’t have it today. It happens.

Joe Serrano Let’s put This A-side and Go for your Go Yankees

Joni Merritt Gardy & Miggy showed up today.

Jef Schilp It’s an awful lot of pressure knowing that your offense hasn’t produced for you and you feel the need to be perfect every time out since you know you won’t get run support. Kinda the same problem for de Grom but I guess he’s used to it


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