This Yankees Team Has No Business In the Playoffs This Year

Yankees: A Bronx Fairy Tale

The Yankees took a whooping today from the Indians, and it was a microcosm of their season. This team doesn’t belong in the playoffs.

Yes, the Yankees are still alive in the American League Wild Card Standings, and you can hang your hat on that if you like.

But if that’s the case, you likely missed today’s 10-3 shellacking applied to the Yankees by the 72-74 Cleveland Indians and have yet to see the box score for the game, with particular attention focused on the Indian’s half of the fifth inning when a 1-0 game suddenly became an 8-0 runaway.

Notably, it was an error made by Gary Sanchez on an easy popup behind the plate that opened the floodgates, but in a game against a team, the Yankees are supposed to and must beat, it was a team effort as it’s been all year.

Two meaningless home runs by Giancarlo Stanton (30) and Luke Voit (11) did not offset the two double plays hit into by Aaron Judge (making 133 leading the league), the 0-4 with RISP, the seven men left on base, and a Cleveland team that came to play, using their aces in the bullpen to close out the Yankees – because they wanted this win.

Yankees: Beaten By Better Teams

Boston (winners of four straight) and Toronto (7-3 over their last ten) are answering the call while the Yankees limp along at 5-5 during the final soft spot in their schedule again the Indians and Texas Rangers before they finish with nine games against the Rays, Red Sox, and Blue Jays.

Yankees Point Man Aaron Judge
Yankees Point Man Aaron Judge

Are you putting money down on this Yankees team? Save it because they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

Except for Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole, Brett Gardner, and an honorable mention to Giancarlo Stanton, the Yankee’s remaining roster is filled with underachievers.

And yes, Brett Gardner belongs there, having played in 126 games in the outfield on 38-year-old legs because Aaron Boone needed him to, and the Yankee Warrior responded.

Yankees: There’s No Room For Error

The Yankees needed a makeover last winter, but Brian Cashman stood still, insisting the team he was handing Boone was better than Tampa Bay and certainly as good as the Red Sox and Blue Jays.

He tried to recorrect that calculation by bringing in Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo as stopgaps to the disaster already in progress.

After the deadline, injuries and ineffectiveness piled up, especially in the bullpen. Whether by design or the inability to achieve any length, Boone relied on Chad Green until he wilted from overwork, and Jonathan Loaisiga succumbed to injury while Aroldis Chapman played Russian Roulette with the Yankees

Yankees Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone - Contemplating 2022 (NY Post)
Yankees Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone – Contemplating 2022 (NY Post)

Aaron Boone was dismissed by fans and media early in the season, and a single stretch of thirteen games only added to the disappointment that followed.

Boone, however, cannot nor should he be held as a scapegoat for a failure that accurately, as Hal Steinbrenner pointed out, rests with the Yankees who take the field each night.

Boone may be a puppet, but he is not a buffoon. Instead, he is simply doing his job as any MLB manager needs to do by expressing confidence in his players and the team as a whole.

It all comes up empty, though, when the players do not respond in kind.

Yankees: This Is Not A Requiem – It’s a Dose Of Reality

There will be plenty of time for fans and the Yankees brass to dissect what went wrong this year, and hopefully, corrective action (who stays and who goes) will be taken during the winter.

But for now, it needs to be said the Yankees are a faulted team, and they have no place in this year’s playoffs.

Tampa Bay, Houston, and the White Sox are all better teams than the Yankees, and that doesn’t even consider the Dodgers and Giants, who may be better than any of these American League teams.

As with any failure, it all depends on how it is addressed.

If the Yankees lie dormant as they did last offseason and insist on believing 2021 was a hiccup, they are doomed to repeat as a failing team in 2022.

That much, at least, should be self-evident by now…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Peter Sitro So the Yankees who are presently 17 games over 500 in the best division in MLB have no business in the playoffs but teams like the Braves playing 7 games over 500 in the worst division in MLB do? The Yankees absolutely have earned the right to be in a playoff race and to say otherwise is a testament to how brain dead many of these so-called Yankee fans really are!

Dan Ripani Sr. If they deserve to be they will be there buddy!

Gene VanAmburgh Jr. I agree, if they made it and I don’t think they will who could they beat, hell they barely got the edge on the O’s this year and to lose to mediocre teams like Cleveland is just pathetic

Sher Heide I agree, they’re way too inconsistent and they don’t have the pitching to go anywhere. The lineup, errors, and cold bats. I’m afraid it would be one and done.

Hubie Mercado This season has been a tale of two Yankees. We don’t know which team will show up to the games. Frustrating to watch.

Michael Miracco Making the playoffs in Baseball doesn’t come easy, if a team makes it , I got to think they deserve to be there.

Don Wardlow Don’t worry, they won’t be. they sink (or is it “Stink) to the level of their opponents. first the Orioles, then the Indians who should keep the name because they sure massacred us today. As Bob Prince would say, they “Tommy-hawked us.”

Vinnie Capodanno I didn’t criticize this team all year but they don’t belong in the playoffs

Mike Harrington Sad, but true. Too streaky, too many underperformers.

Closing Published Comments And Final Thoughts

With this, we’ll close published comments due to increasing page length. There’s a good mix from readers – and yes – I am still rooting for the Yankees to make the playoffs.

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