The Mets Slide Continues As Their Bats Fail To Deliver Again, But…

Mets manger Luis Rojas - The right man at the right time?

The Mets are in deep doo-doo as their bats continue not to answer the call. Men on base, oh yes, but that could be their epitaph in 2021.

The Mets need not look at NL East Standings following their third loss in four games to the last-place Miami Marlins to realize what they are doing to themselves.

Because with that charter flight to Philadelphia that takes them to a weekend series at Citizen’s Bank Park, the Mets are facing the real possibility they will lose their hold on first-place in the division for the first time since May.

The Mets still collect base hits and walks, as they did through the four games in Miami, but the trouble comes with what they do with those opportunities. I’ll spell it out for you:

  • Monday 7 hits, 1-10 RISP, 9 left on base in a  6-3 loss
  • Tuesday 5 hits, 1-7 RISP, 5 LOB, in a 5-4 loss
  • Wednesday 11 hits, 2-13 RISP, 12 LOB, and a 5-4 win
  • Today 8 hits, 4-13 RISP 15 LOB, and a 4-2 loss 

I’ll do the math for you. Over four games and three losses to the Marlins, the Mets:

  • Collected 31 hits
  • Delivered eight times in 43 chances to score with a runner in scoring position
  • While leaving 41 men on base to end an inning

Mets: I’m No Expert, But…

I’ll put money on saying if that trend continues, the Mets can easily find themselves finishing third in the division while the Phillies or Braves sneak in there with a mark barely above .500.

Mets manager Luis Rojas sees it, and that’s why he called a player’s only team meeting a rarity for the low-keyed Rojas.

Did he scream at or cajole his team – reassuring them we’ve been through tough times like this before, so there’s no need to panic; we’ll never know.

Mets Dynamic Duo: Pete Alonso & Michael Conforto (Photo: Forbes)
Mets Dynamic Duo: Pete Alonso & Michael Conforto (Photo: Forbes)

But as Rojas looked around the room, he, as many of us can surely see, are players who can do this, even in the face of losing this year’s would-be Cy Young winner, Jacob deGrom.

Rojas could look at Tylor Megill with confidence that says, “Shake it off. You can’t be perfect every time out.”

Or, as he circled to Michael Conforto, Rojas could tell him, “Michael, you suck, but I’m keeping you in there because I believe in you, and we need you.”

And to his bullpen corps, “Hang in there because I’ll be using you guys more than I want to, and Robert Gsellman is on his way back to relieve the pressure I know I’m putting you under…”

Mets Pete Alonso - Stay calm and within yourself
Mets Pete Alonso – Stay calm and within yourself

And to Marcus Stroman, ” Keep it going, Marco, you are proving to be our number one guy, and you too, Mr. Walker, and we need it to stay that way.

On to Brandon Nimmo, who swung at his first 3-0 pitch in more than a year today, “Good for you, Brandon, and all of us need to be more aggressive at the plate.

“Polar Bear, just stay calm, and remember the mental awareness you showed in Denver to win that second Home Run Derby. That wasn’t luck – you did that”.

Mets: It’s A Rut And It Happens – Get Over It

And so it goes with a Mets team that has fallen into a rut at an inopportune time during the season.

Mets vs. Phillies - The Real Thing
Mets vs. Phillies – The Real Thing

They are the 2021 Mets, a team that will play the Phillies, Nationals, Dodgers, and Giants for the rest of August, a schedule that includes a week-long trip to the West Coast.

Unlike more than half of the 30 teams playing out the schedule with only the option of sitting on their couch while their peers are on the field in October, the Mets have the fate of their season in their hands.

The series with the Phillies looms large, but the Mets have Stroman, Megill, and Walker set to compete against Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler in what can be expected to be low-scoring games, with an accent on which team gets the timely hit that puts them over the top.

For the Mets, there is little choice as they arrive at their hotel in Philadelphia tonight but to put Miami and the Marlins behind them.

Because at least for now, there is another game to play tomorrow…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

David Arenas “Deep doo-doo” is an understatement.

Deborah CraneRojas was obviously very uninspiring as they had one of their worst games of the season and there are a few more to add to that atrocious stat! The real undertone to Louie’s poop talk was what the players thought. Drury had to be thinking, why am I benched? Pete, I am leading the team yet I bat second. Lindor: I kinda sucked but I wanna be better. deGrom, you guys kinda fell off a shelf since I have been out and you Walker have sucked since I rallied for you to be our only All-Star. Yavy: My golden sombrero was not good but you knew I strike out a lot and I’ll probably be gone next year. And the 3rd base coach, Gary D is the loneliest man in BB!

David Camacho Love the hypothetical quotes

Doug Gladstone I know a lot of Mets fans are concerned about the upcoming series against the Phillies, but if team history has taught us anything — and I’ve been a fan of this team for 54 years — it’s that the Mets usually play down to their competition. The only time they never did was in ‘86.

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