The Mets Can’t Afford To Let Marcus Stroman Be Their Next Zack Wheeler

Mets need Marcus Stroman's fire and energy

The Mets, unless they are willing to risk a Zack Wheeler repeat, should consider locking up Marcus Stroman before he reaches free agency…

The Mets have a lot on their plate now, but the future of the current team is also on the line, with both Michael Conforto and Marcus Stroman (potentially) head for free agency after this year’s World Series.

Mets Marcus Stroman in the 2021 spotlight (Photo:
Mets Marcus Stroman in the 2021 spotlight (Photo:

You can argue the Mets need both to continue the resurgence of their franchise after the Wilpon years.

Still, with Scott Boras and his go for the free-agent money mentality as the agent for Conforto, the Mets have a chance to intervene with Stroman and a contract extension.

Stroman will not be an easy catch for the Mets, especially because he is now proving he can pitch effectively in both the American and National League.

That being said, the Mets need a strong number behind Jacob deGrom, and if it isn’t Stroman, who will it be next year and down the road.

Taijaun Walker is a good fit as a number three, but unless a starter of the same caliber as Stroman is added via a trade or free-agent signing during the offseason, the Mets will not be the same team next year.

Mets: Extensions Can Be Risky But…

Extensions, especially when it pertains to pitchers, is always a risky business. Just ask the Yankees about their $70 million seven-year investment in Luis Severino, who is now sidelined for the remainder of this season – after missing all of 2020.

Zack Wheeler: Elite NL Pitcher (USA Today)
Zack Wheeler: Elite NL Pitcher (USA Today)

While the comparison of Stroman to Wheeler is not science-based because Wheeler had his ups and down moments with the Mets, it’s hard to believe Steve Cohen’s Mets would have let Wheeler escape to the Phillies where he is having an All-Star season.

But the comparison is valid in the sense that Marcus Stroman will be a successful pitcher next year and beyond, no matter if he’s with the Mets or not.

Mets: Stroman Has The Character That Fits The Team

Beyond what he is doing for the Mets when he’s pitching, Stroman is built of the same intensity Jacob deGrom carries into the game. He’s emotional and demonstrative, traits the Mets need.

With the news his grandmother had passed, Stroman had these heartfelt words on his Twitter account: ”RIP Mamá. Loss for words. This one hurts deeply. Please keep my family in your prayers! My grandmother passed away. Not my mother. Thank you for all your prayers. Our family appreciates it!”

Mets Aces: deGrom and Stroman (NY Post)
Mets Aces: deGrom and Stroman (NY Post)

Following his return from the bereavement list, Stroman insisted on making his next scheduled start against the Phillies.

As Newsday reported, “Little seemed different about Stroman at first: He came in from his warmup jaunty and exhorting the crowd. That’s where a typical Stroman performance ended, though. He gave up four runs, five hits, and three walks with three strikeouts and was uncharacteristically inefficient. He needed 24, 23, and 23 pitches to get through those three innings.”

Today, however, the New York Post reports that Stroman is in a better state mentally and ready to start Game 1 of Sunday’s Split Twin Bill for the Mets against the Yankees.

Stroman will bring fire and energy to the start and he will also energize the crowd at Yankee Stadium.

Make Time For A Stroman Extension

As stated in the intro, the Mets have a lot on their plate now, with the front office in the middle of finalizing their plans for what is expected to be a series of moves at or before the trade deadline on July 30.

Nevertheless, Stroman seems approachable and amenable to the idea of staying with the Mets.

Turning him loose as a free agent, though, invites the chance another team will woo him away from the Mets, as the Phillies did with Wheeler, even though Wheeler had stated many times before he wanted to remain with the Mets.

Stroman’s too good a pitcher and person to let that happen…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Michael A Guerin Depends on what he’s asking for.

Kurt Hennessy He still runs me the wrong way. As soon as he’s not on a prove-it deal I feel like he will stop trying.

Steven Hirsch Steve Contursi Stro definitely has the Mets attitude! Don’t let him test the market! Sign him this year!

Keith A Sprow Believe me he’s no zack wheeler. Since his 3-0 start he’s 3-6. Plus in his 8 years in the league, he has only been. 500 or better 3 times

Roberto Roberto Luciano It depends how much money he wants I wouldn’t give a long term he’s not that good it’d he leaves so be it

Michael Brown He has the potential to be really good. I think his less-than-desirable attitude keeps him from getting there. Pass. Andrew Weckerle Michael Brown I think his attitude has greatly changed. Love the guy now.

Lisa Grollman-calo I don’t understand why they let Wheeler go!!

Steve Caleo Should sign him 3 yr deal max good #2-3 starter for the team

Closing Comments And Final Thoughts

Once again, readers seem to have a different view of Stroman than I do. I was surprised by the readers who questioned Stroman’s makeup, but not surprised at the number who said Stroman is no Wheeler, and if I inferred that, I didn’t mean to because he isn’t.

With that, we’ll close published comments for this article, though all will be answered as time allows.

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