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Nestor Cortes Jr. - Quirky But Good (USA Today)
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Yankees: Nestor Cortes Jr. Is A Rotation Keeper No Matter Who Returns

The Yankees rotation will soon be buffeted by the return of absentee starters that signal a roster crunch. But Cortes cannot be a casualty. Yankees…

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Six -Man Rotation: Why Not?
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A Six-Man Rotation: A Winning Strategy For The Mets And Yankees

The six-man rotation has been tried in baseball, but it’s never been committed to full-time. For the Mets and Yankees, it can be a win,…

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Yankees: A six-man rotation makes perfect sense – why not try it?

The Yankees have talked about using a six-man rotation from time to time, but tradition has always squashed the idea. A plan to try it…

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Old Yankee Stadium - down the line. Photo Credit: Steve Contursi
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Yankees: On The Need To Manipulate The Starting Staff For October

The Yankees, with the resigning of J.A. Happ, have filled out their starting rotation. There’s still room for one more though. Here’s why… Brian Cashman…

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