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Mets: Are they stupid, naive, or lying through their teeth – which is it?

As the Mets said, they had no direct involvement in what “happened in Houston,” but everything they did touch has dysfunction written all over it…again!…

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Mets: National Returns Day (Photo: youtube)
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Mets: On “National Return Day” these players need to be exchanged immediately

On National Return Day, the Mets need not hesitate to join the fun. They should return these players in exchange for ones who offer a…

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Brodie Van Wagenen, Mets GM (Photo: Associated Press)
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Brodie Van Wagenen: You Created This Mess, Now Clean It Up

Aggressiveness is the only adjective that best describes the way Brodie Van Wagenen put the 2019 Mets together. It’s a shame he didn’t do his…

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