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Pete Alonso, New York Mets (Newsweek)
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Pete Alonso Weighs In Big Time On MLB Alleging A Conspiracy

Expect Pete Alonso to hear from the MLB Commissioner’s office after charging the baseball is altered to control salaries for each FA class. Pete Alonso,…

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MLB Links To Bally Sports
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MLB: On The Insidious Takeover By Bally Sports And Gambling Interests

MLB’s dark secret is slowly but surely coming into view. There’s money to be made in gambling, and Bally Sports is their anointed partner. In…

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Albert Pujols: What A Difference a Uniform Make
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Albert Pujols: Is There A Better Feel Good Story In Baseball Today?

The rejuvenation of Albert Pujols’ career with the Dodgers is one of those feel-good stories of this season. Welcome back, Albert. MLB will welcome Albert…

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MLB Betting
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MLB Hits A New Low Going All-In Promoting Sports Betting On The MLBN

MLB is always seeking ways to increase revenue. But the posting of real-time odds on their scoreboard is new, reprehensible, and sinful. Major League Baseball…

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Jacob deGrom - Mets Ace Always Gets The Call (Photo: The Athletic)
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MLB: Is The Pitching That Good Or Are Hitters Stubborn And Stupid

MLB is having a season much like 1967-68 when pitching became so dominant the mound was lowered. But is it really the pitchers or hitters?…

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MLB 2021 - A Season Of Stars
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MLB: On Debunking The Claim These Early Games “Don’t Matter” Much

In MLB, we hear it all the time. “It’s only April; it takes time; we’ll straighten this thing out.” Oh yeah? Let’s talk again in…

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Arizona Baseball (tempetourism.com)
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MLB Proposed Cactus League: Division Breakdown – Winners And Losers

MLB has a plan to resume the 2020 season. The Cactus League will be composed of three divisions, with teams chosen by geography. Who gains…

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MLB Season: Ignore the NFL’s greed – be safe and not sorry

The MLB season remains in limbo. While the NFL insists its season is all systems go, MLB must lead by example – no games until…

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