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Josh Hader - Burnout on the way? (Photo: CBS Sports)
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Mets: On why Josh Hader has the markings of Edwin Diaz – Buyer beware

The Mets are reportedly in on the sweepstakes to add Josh Hader to their bullpen. But there are good reasons to think twice before making…

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Seth Lugo, Premier Mets Reliever (Photo: New York Times)
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Mets: Why are they even considering moving Seth Lugo into the rotation?

The Mets, in lieu of their need to replace Zack Wheeler in the rotation, are toying with moving Seth Lugo, from their decaying bullpen to…

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Mets Marcus Stroman in the 2022 spotlight (Photo: thespun.com)
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The Mets need more from Marcus Stroman and Steven Matz – a lot more

The Mets have a solid starting rotation. But to take the next step, Marcus Stroman and Steven Matz need to be better than the .500…

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Dellin Betances - Signed by the Mets (Photo: pinterest.com)
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Mets, Dellin Betances, and a lesson learned from Adam Wainwright

The Mets need help in their bullpen. Dellin Betances is a perfect fit. But both sides would be wise to take a cue from Adam…

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Mets regrouping for 2020 (Photo: Forbes)
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Mets 2020: A Plan Submitted By Dave Mills – Guest Commentator

The composition of the Mets in 2020 is an ongoing theme of Reflections On Baseball. It’s special to me when a reader takes what I’ve…

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