Steve Cohen: There Won’t Be Any Grass Growing Under His Feet, Huh?

Steve Cohen's Master Plan At Work (

Steve Cohen, on his first official day as the Mets owner, took his vacuum cleaner out to act decisively in getting The Plan underway.

Unlike his predecessors, Steve Cohen has a plan for the franchise he just inherited. By premeditated design, he intends to transform the Mets from top to bottom, and he’s not about to waste time he doesn’t have.

In one swift, and for many Mets fans, sweet series of actions, Cohen dismantled the entire front office.

Mets GM Van Wagenen And the Wilpons (Photo:
Mets 2020: A Lame-Duck Front Office (Photo:

Top front-office officials, including general manager Brodie Van Wagenen and special assistant Omar Minaya, who was the team’s GM from 2004 to 2010, were first in line to be shown the exit door.

They were quickly joined by Allard Baird, Adam Guttridge, and Jared Banner.

No one familiar with Cohen and the Mets’ buzz in recent weeks is surprised by the purge.

Still, the actual implementation supporting the rumors cements Steve Cohen as The Decider the Mets have long needed.

Another rumor mill is already underway regarding the names of replacements, but rest assured, team president Sandy Alderson is also a decider.

So, don’t be surprised if the charade of imposters that accompanied the Mets search for a new manager when Mickey Callaway was ingloriously fired is handled more professionally.

In any event, the matter of replacements is the undertow of something much more significant. Together with Alderson, Steve Cohen has a master plan in mind, and the pieces will fall into place sooner rather than later.

The Steve Cohen Plan – A Four-Pronged Attack

The four segments of Steve Cohen’s plan to revitalize the Mets franchise are:

  • The farm system with an accent on fundamentals instruction and preparation for life as a major-league ballplayer
  • Strengthening the volume and quality of information (read analytics) available to manager Luis Rojas, coaches, and players
  • Build and strengthen the Mets brand. Institute an Era Of Good Feelings that pays attention to the team’s fans, as well as the community surrounding Citi Field.
  • Whether through addition or subtraction, make every effort to put the very best and most competitive team on the field at all times.

There is no particular order or priority among these goals. Instead, the attack will be made simultaneously.

For most Mets fans, their concentration will be focused on the sexiest and last listed element in The Plan – harnessing free agents like Trevor Bauer, J.T. Realmuto, Marcus Stroman, and Ted Williams just for kicks.

There will be some of that, and Steve Cohen’s money is there to be shared for that purpose.

Steve Cohen: Recognizing Short And Long-Term Goals

But long-range, consider the need to make up for the lost time in rectifying the harm done regarding the first three aspirations.

Steve Cohen’s plan for a Mets balanced diet

Think of this way. A person eats at McDonald’s nearly every day. Soon, he discovers he’s gained thirty pounds, and he looks terrible.

He goes on a doctor’s recommended diet and is told there is no such thing as a “crash-diet,” He can expect to lose one pound every two weeks.

This is the Mets Steve Cohen inherits.

As much as Mets fans have abused, lied to, and taken for granted over the years by the Wilpons, a championship this year should mean nothing in the overall scope of things.

Who wants another one and done World Title like the one in 1988?

No, the idea is to build a dynasty that leaves the Yankee’s run in the late 90s in the dust.

Dynasties, however, are born from a solid organizational foundation, the kind, for instance, that produces from within the Yankees Core Five as the grit of those teams, with pieces added later (CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, etc) later.

Steve Cohen knows something about dynasty building from his hedge fund company days.

You can be “patiently aggressive” simultaneously. Still, there is no sense in throwing money at a problem without a watchful eye (think Alderson) overseeing how it’s spent and where gains are made or not made, creating the need to edit the plan.

Steve Cohen Aims To Please, But…

Steve Cohen impresses as a wild-eyed cowboy sheriff coming to town to rid all evil in one fell swoop.

But beneath the veneer is a wildly successful businessman replacing a Wilpon team that thought it was a good idea to team up with Bernie Madoff.

Steve Cohen can give Mets fans a one and done if they want it, spending the next few years trying to undo cumbersome and expensive contracts while the Triple-A team lacks what it needs to feed the next core of players to the big league club.

But there’s a better way and it’ll all get done in due time if Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson are given some time to implement The Plan fully. After all these years, what’s the rush?


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