Steve Cohen Says It Again: Mets Fans – This Is Not A One And Done Deal

Steve Cohen Building The Mets Brand (Lucy Nicholson/REUTERS; Samantha Lee/Business Insider)

Steve Cohen has most Mets fans’ attention, but there is still a group who don’t appear to be hearing him. He has a vision – listen!

Steve Cohen does not walk on eggs. He has a firm vision of what he intends to achieve with the Mets, and more significantly, how he’s going to execute the plan.

Most Mets “get” what he says, even though he has to repeat himself more than once as he did Wednesday on “One-on-One” with Howie Rose when he reiterated the need to strengthen the Mets farm system.

What the hell, let's sign 'em all
What the hell, let’s sign ’em all

Still, there is a contingent of Mets fans sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for the announcement that Trevor Bauer and George Springer are locked up in multi-year deals.

And as soon as the ink is dry, Marcell Ozuna, Michael Brantley, and DJ LeMahieu will follow, whether or not the mix of players comprises a winning group and not merely an All-Star team.

These fans wait because they know Steve Cohen can buy players to fit any team he wants; the hell with the luxury tax and the rest of baseball.

Steve Cohen: The Builder Of Big And Lasting Things

That is not the Steve Cohen who purchased the New York Mets. More to the point, it is also not the man who founded and built Point72, the hedge fund now running on its own accord following years of hard work and finding the right pieces to put in the right places.

George Steinbrenner (Photo by John Roca/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)
George Steinbrenner (Photo by John Roca/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

Steve Cohen can deliver a World Championship to Mets fans just as George Steinbrenner did with the Yankees in their one and done title in 2009.

Or more recently, just as Theo Epstein did with the Cubs in 2016 and the Washington Nationals in 2019.

In today’s game of baseball, where revenue sharing evenly matches the majority of teams (think Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland A’s), it’s not that hard to press a button that lets the dogs out to buy anything short-lived.

“You’re thinking like a fan, you know you want to win yesterday,” Cohen said while answering fan questions Wednesday on “One-on-One” with Howie Rose. “But in trying to win, you also want to create sustainable winning, which means you’ve got to sort of plan, not just this year, but multiple years.”

Sustainable Winning Defines Steve Cohen

Sustainable winning. Winning that is accompanied by your farm system’s resources, scouting, and analytics departments establish a unique brand to the Mets.

James McCann, 2021 Free Agent Catcher
James McCann, 2021 Free Agent Catcher

A brand built by Steve Cohen that becomes a beacon for players to list the Mets as their first choice of teams they can be traded to in their contract’s no-trade clause.

Or, for that matter, the brand that’s already being established when we read that Marcus Stroman and James McCann both chose to be affiliated with the Mets and Steve Cohen.

As the Wilpon family tried in vain to do, Steve Cohen is not asking for Mets fans to be patient. He’s asking them to be smart.

Smart means executing a plan of attack from several angles, and knowing that one needs to feed the other before the whole of the plan can be executed.

As Steve Cohen said in his interview, smart means is recognizing that the Mets farm system is strong at the bottom but weak at the top.

In short, the team lacks depth, and there is little to fall back on when Sandy Alderson calls the Triple-A team in Syracuse to replace an injured player – saying, “How can you help?”

Smart means protecting and developing the players you drafted in the lower levels of your farm system to avoid situations like having to teach Amed Rosario the proper way to take the lead off first base when attempting a steal.

Steve Cohen: The Man Has A Plan

I can hammer the point home all day long just as Steve Cohen is trying to do, but it’s still a matter of hoping the right people are listening.

Alderson and his team are buying in, as are the Mets players – universally. Mets fans would do well to unite in the same way.

One and done with a parade down Broadway is not what Steve Cohen is about. For that, we should all be grateful.


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