Mickey Callaway – A Preview Of His Dismissal Press Conference

Mickey Callaway, Distressed Mets Manager (Photo: CBS Sports)

Mickey Callaway‘s dismissal as manager of the Mets is predictable, as is the press conference following the announcement. It’ll go like this…

Jeff Wilpon, Mets Chief Operating Officer

Good Morning. On behalf of the New York Mets organization, it is with deep regret I am here today to announce a change in field leadership of the team. I have known Mickey Callaway to be a dedicated, responsible, hard-working, and unparalleled ambassador for the New York Mets and Major League Baseball..

Even more dedicated, perhaps, are the New York Mets fans who are once again disappointed and frustrated by the team’s performance in 2019. I share that frustration with you. I wish Mickey luck in all future endeavors, and I would like to personally thank him for his service.

Our General Manager has more information for you.

Brodie Van Wagenen, Mets General Manager

Thank you, Mr. Wilpon. This morning, I relieved Mickey Callaway of his duties as manager of the Mets. Accordingly, Jim Riggleman has been named Interim Manager until further notice.

Jim will make himself available to you later in the day before the Mets game against the Washington Nationals.

I reiterate Mr. Wilpon’s regret in having to make this decision. But the leadership of a major league baseball team begins at the top before it filters down to the 25 men in the clubhouse. Mickey has worked tirelessly to provide that leadership, but as we know, the results on the field have been disappointing.

However, the singular point I wish to make today is that no one man or person is responsible for the plight of the Met’s season to date. We may not be the Astros or the Dodgers, but surely we are a better team than our record indicates, and therefore, all components of the organization, including the players, must and will be held accountable – henceforth.

Mickey, would you like to say a few words?

Mickey Callaway

Thank you, Brodie. It would be foolish to say I am surprised by the actions that were taken today. I remain confident in my ability to manage a big league team, and perhaps this was just the wrong place and the wrong time to prove that.

Having said that, I would like to thank the Wilpons for this opportunity. I still have those black binders filled with ideas that I brought to the Mets during the interview process.

I have always judged myself to be an honest person so I would like to speak candidly if I may. (glance toward Brodie).

A manager is the most important piece of personnel a general manager brings on. As you know, I was brought on before Brodie took on the role of General Manager. I could hear the footsteps behind me. For that reason, I bear no resentment toward Brodie for making the decision he made today. Actions taken with the betterment of the team in mind should never be questioned.

(Brodie grimaces) I must say, though, I am delighted to hear my mantra, about the players being held accountable for their performance(s) on the field, being repeated by Mr. Van Wagenen. Actions like the lackadaisical kind we saw this past weekend need to be addressed immediately, and with a force that sends a clear message to the entire team.

Ask any player on the team and they’ll tell you – I never tried to be their buddy. So much for honesty, let’s see where that will get me…

Finally, a word of thanks to the New York media. You’ve been tough, but fair, and I’ve enjoyed working with you.


Brodie Van Wagenen

Ah, er… well thank you, Mickey. We won’t be taking any questions today.

Steve Contursi, Writer’s Note

I adopted the tone given to Mickey Callaway because I believe that he has been railroaded by the Mets, and in particular, Brodie Van Wagenen. Callaway may not have been the best choice the Wilpons could have made at the time, but he was a decent manager, who fell as another victim in the Mets dysfunction as an organization.

It’s the business of baseball – I get that. But Callaway has every right to feel some resentment for being handed a team that is old (Robinson Cano, Todd Frazier, Jed Lowrie, et.al.), prone to injury, with indifference and nonchalance, only to be told – and held accountable a la Terry Collins was – to bat and pitch for his players.

For Mickey Callaway, what the heck – right? He has $2.3 million in his pocket he never had before, and if he wants, he can sit back to collect his final year’s salary in 2020. He’s a good person, he’ll be fine.

For Brodie Van Wagenen, though, I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with his hands-on, slick, made of Teflon syle. As I’ve written before, he wants to be Czar – and it looks like’s getting away with it, which is only going to add to the dysfunction of the New York Mets.

As always, thanks for the read. Please share your thoughts.

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