Mets: “Transcripts” Of Interviews With Buck And Dusty

Buck Showalter and Dusty Baker Mets interview (Photo: New York Post)

The Mets line of interviews keeps moving. Buck Showalter and Dusty Baker came by to sit down with Brodie. Here’s how it went…

Author’s Note:

Most readers have picked up on the idea that this series is what’s called True Fiction. These are “Transcripts”, not The Transcripts. Some of the candidate’s interviews have yet to take place. The readers who “get it” are enjoying the series. I hope that includes you.

Buck Showalter

Van Wagenen: Hello, Buck, how are you? Have a seat.

Showalter:  No, thanks, I’d rather stand.

Buck Showalter, Candidate Mets Manager (Photo:
Buck Showalter, Candidate Mets Manager (Photo:

Van Wagenen: Okay, that’s fine, I guess. So tell me, how are things going with the Phillies? Everything I hear says they’re hot on your tail.

Showalter: You heard, right. As a matter of fact, I almost called you to cancel this interview. Do we have anything to really talk about, anyway?

Van Wagenen: I think not. It’s good to meet you, but in all honesty, I almost called you. Good luck to you.

Showalter: Same to you. I look forward to the competition with the Mets next year.

Dusty Baker

Van Wagenen: Dusty, welcome to the home of the Mets. Where’s that famous toothpick?

Baker: Well, I’ll tell ya. Instead of wearing a suit to this interview, I decided to do away with the toothpick. I figured it was an even exchange.

Van Wagenen: So, do you know what we’re looking for here?

Baker: I don’t, but I hope you are looking for a seasoned pro and not another experiment. That’s the only reason I am here.

Van Wagenen: As you know, the net is widely cast. But if I can find a person such as yourself who checks the “experience box,” I’m interested.

Baker: You do realize, of course, when you do that, you’re upping the dollars ante. This would be my last gig, and I aim to make it all about the inheritance my grandkids will have for college and the same for their kids.

Van Wagenen: Okay, I’m surprised the question of money came up so quick, but though I can’t promise anything now, I respect your forthrightness.

Baker: I might regret later talking about money now, but it does count heavily in any move I will make.

Dusty Baker, Another Candidate Has Surfaced (Photo:
Dusty Baker, Another Candidate Has Surfaced (Photo:

Van Wagenen: Okay, let’s get to the substance. What the hell happened in Washington with the team you had?

Baker: You probably don’t realize it, but you hit the nail on the head. It was all about, as you say, the team I had. They were an odd bunch.

I spent more time intervening between this guy who had this problem with that guy…and without mentioning names, it got to be too much – and it showed on the field.

Van Wagenen: It sounds like you are throwing your players under the bus. We don’t do that here. Is that a problem?

Baker: I call ’em as I see ’em, Brodie. I’m proactive. But if you think I do anything publicly, do the research. I don’t.

I’ll share with you, too, that I received zero backing my GM, Mike Rizzo when I pointed out the problem to him. He told me to grin and bear it, and the team had so much talent the results would be there.

Well, the results didn’t, and I felt it was time to move on.

Van Wagenen: I’ll tell you upfront that’s a concern from where I sit, but let’s move on.

Baker: No, maybe we shouldn’t. I’m not getting a good vibe here.

Van Wagenen: We have a good bunch of professional ballplayers here, leading me to believe that you are not a good fit here. I wish you the best, but I think we need to terminate this interview.

Baker: Agreed. See you around.


This conversation ended the relationship between Brodie Van Wagenen and Dusty Baker.

Both refused to comment on the interview when the media pressed the issue. It’s still Brodie’s pick.

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