Mets: Time to ramp up the Yoenis Cespedes hype – he’s healthy!

Yoenis Cespedes - Cancer On The Mets (Photo:

The Mets can’t possibly believe Yoenis Cespedes is a fit on the team they will field in 2020. But if they can convince other teams he is healthy and injury-free…

Mets fans and team officials were treated to a glimpse of a video of Yoenis Cespedes taking batting practice – all sixty seconds of it – and courtesy of former teammate Endy Chavez via Twitter.

The Mets owe Endy Chavez an early Christmas present, and the team needs to unleash its PR department to see this video released in 4K format to every website and blog associated with all 29 major league baseball clubs.

Come and get him – he’s healthy!

Yoenis Cespedes is NOT a fit on the 2020 Mets. We’ve gone through the litany of Cespedes’ career and association with three teams who eventually gave in to the fact that he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

Detroit, Oakland, and the Red Sox, who had a similar experience with free-minded Manny Ramirez, all ended up saying thanks – but no thanks.

Yoenis Cespedes’ Garage

Putting Cespedes in a locker next to Pete Alonso or Jeff McNeil is akin to Donald Trump having an amiable dinner with Adam Schiff, the man who is the Chairman of the Committee trying to impeach him.

A question – is there anyone who believes that Yoenis Cespedes, if healthy, can escape the back pages of the New York Post, brought on by bizarre behavior that is unrelated to the home runs he blasts into the night at Citi Field?

If your answer is yes, you likely believe the ends justify the means. Thirty home runs and 100 RBI are worth putting up with Cespedes, even in the face of a changing Mets culture – epitomized by the emotional and always energetic Pete Alonso,

On the face of it, Yoenis Cespedes, who is set to be paid $29,500,000, is and will be a member of the New York Mets for the duration of the 2020 season.

Teams will think twice before they take on a player owed that amount of money with a two-year history of injury and an inability to stay on the playing field. Unless, of course, the Mets can demonstrate Cespedes is healthy, and (here’s the catch) eager to play.

Endy Chavez – You’re Hired!

To that end, maybe the Mets should consider hiring the now-retired Endy Chavez as a “personal coach” of Cespedes – with instructions to document a series of videos showing his progress throughout the winter.

Satirical in nature? – I confess. But the 2020 Mets do NOT need a repeat (video below) of the I, Me, Mine spectacle of Yoenis Cespedes we saw before in Port St. Lucie when the team re-assembles in February.

Thirty-million dollars is a lot of money for any team to eat. Yesterday, the Yankees finally pulled the plug on Jacoby Ellsbury, taking on the $26 million owed in his final year. And down the road, the Angels will find themselves in similar territory with Albert Pujols.

With the Mets, we have a team with a fiscally (to be gentle) “conservative” approach to payroll. So, Cespedes is not likely to be released in the same mode as Ellsbury.

Still, where there’s a will there’s a way – assuming the Mets have come to the same conclusion I have, as well as a good portion of the team’s fans – Yoenis Cespedes is persona non grata on a team that became a team in the second half of the 2019 season.

Brodie – figure it out. Make him disappear…

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