Mets: Serious Or Not Jacob deGrom Needs To Sit Out A Start

Mets Franchise Jacob deGrom (NY Post)

The Mets and Jacob deGrom agree. None of the three separate injuries are serious. Still, the best move is to shelve him for at least a start.

The Mets’ next move with Jacob deGrom should be obvious. Something is going on with the best pitcher in baseball, and the poo-pooing on both sides is not worth the risk.

As the Mets world knows by now, deGrom left last night’s game against the Cubs after three masterful – no check that – three out of this world innings with what is being described as a “shoulder strain.”

With apparent ease, deGrom had struck out eight of the nine batters he faced and was on the cusp of tying Tom Seaver‘s record of nine straight.

He had lowered his microscopic ERA to 0.54 before walking straight down the runway to the Mets clubhouse, where he remained while Sean Reid-Foley emerged from the bullpen to pitch the fourth inning before a stunned crowd at Citi Field.

Later, deGrom met with reporters (including Deesha Thosar of the New York Daily News) after the game and downplayed the current issue.

While he admitted he’s frustrated with the series of developments, deGrom suggested he didn’t believe the three health problems were related and, more importantly, sounded confident he’d avoided any serious injury. “I think it’s three separate issues. I think the lat was something to do with the swing. The elbow I didn’t think too much of, like I said I was pretty confident that that was nothing. And I’m pretty confident that this is nothing.

The Mets Dilemma With Jacob deGrom

The Mets are stuck between a rock and a hard place with deGrom.

Jacob deGrom knew it was time...
Jacob deGrom knew it was time…

Here they have a pitcher who is off and running to a year that will wipe out the best years of pitchers already in the Baseball Hall of Fame as kindergarten, who says he’s “pretty confident” this is nothing.

This, while the Mets themselves are off and running with a five-game lead over the closest team in the NL East and on the verge of having Michael Conforto and Jeff McNeil returning to their lineup.

Do the Mets listen to deGrom, who will probably insist on making his next start Monday when they return to Citi Field to face the Atlanta Braves after a brief series in Washington, or do they intervene to shut him down for at least this one start?

This is Jacob deGrom, not Matt Harvey, who we now know was beginning a spiral down when he told Mets manager Terry Collins he was fine and could finish off the Cubs in the 2015 NLCS.

Instead, this is deGrom, a pitcher’s pitcher, the consummate pro who knows his body better than anyone telling the Mets he’s fine.

And if given a chance, deGrom would probably go out there to duplicate or even better his near-record performance of last night against the Braves, or any other team.

Mets: Don’t Do It

Jacob deGrom is The Franchise, built from the same mold as the carrier of that title, Tom Seaver.

Jacob deGrom A Lock For the 2021 Cy Young
Jacob deGrom A Lock For the 2021 Cy Young

Like Dwight Gooden, it’s an event when he pitches, and fans flock to the ballpark to watch in awe.

The Mets have a comfortable lead, but even if they didn’t, that shouldn’t weigh on their decision to sit deGrom down for a week to ten days with nothing but rest and prescribed therapies on his plate.

Obviously, deGrom carries considerable weight in the discussion, and with little or no effort, he can dissuade the Mets.

But if it’s that third Cy Young he’s concerned about; there are no worries because even if he didn’t pitch another game this year, deGrom is a lock for the award.

Whatever it is going through deGrom’s mind and body, though, the Mets need to be steadfast in overruling him with a soft but firm, “We love you, Jake, but you’re gonna be on full rest for a while.”

The Mets can take the hit, and if anything, it’ll give the team some extra motivation on the day(s) he is scheduled to pitch but doesn’t.

Tough love is what’s in order here. Let’s see if the Mets do it with the best pitcher on this planet, Jacob deGrom.

Today, we see this at Citi Field, so who knows…

Jacob deGrom in the Mets outfield…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Charlie Hangley Yep!

Matt Gomez Acquire another starter. Give deGrom, Syndergaard, Carrasco, and company time to heal and prepare for a potential postseason run.

Aedo Joe Mets medical mystery tour continues

Heidi Stout Minor, yes, but his body is sending him signals that are concerning. Repetitive stress injury is a term used to describe damage and pain caused by repetitive movement and overuse. My nerves are on edge for him.

Lawrence Mercado With him leading with his elbow like that, he will have arm problems throughout his career

Sally Sauer yes, I knew in the second inning something wasn’t right. A wince here and there.

NancynFloyd KennedyAt the minimum, 1 start. We could probably get away with him skipping 2 just to be on the safe side.

Boris Medich I agree with this, rest for 5 days and then get back in the routine. 1 start, 2 starts better than a long-term injury.

Fred Brunner Yes, Jacob is taking his body as serious as can be especially throwing consistently over 100 mph fastballs with unexpected occasional soreness

Drew Rodgers Mets fans really just sitting here and trying to convince themselves that deGrom is not hurt 😂. Wake up and face facts, guys. He’s hurt

Mary Ann Grennen Drew Rodgers umm I’m a diehard Mets fan for 50 years. I think he’s hurt and should take a break.

Joe Favilla Two starts, minimum. We can afford it at this stage of the season.

Gary Gentile No need to Steve Contursi. Justin Toscano (@JustinCToscano) Tweeted:

Update on Jacob deGrom from Luis Rojas: They ran the MRI through two doctors. They were not concerned. As of now, the Mets aren’t thinking of an IL stint. The ace is day-to-day.

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With regret, because the dialog has been fun and informative, I’m closing off published comments on this post for today, Keep ’em coming though to add to the exchange, and I’ll be standing by to answer them all.

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