Mets: Sandy Alderson’s Requiem Contains Only A Few Nuggets

Mets President Sandy Alderson (Frank Franklin II AP)

Mets President Sandy Alderson gave a premature requiem to a losing season yesterday, in which he provided only a few things we didn’t know…

The Mets front office operates much like detectives working a case – they withhold all of the details you want to know while putting out those things designed to help them look good.

Mets President Sandy Alderson went through the motions yesterday when he met with reporters to relay his version of the Mets State Of The Union.

Mets manager Luis Rojas - The right man at the right time?
Mets manager Luis Rojas – The right man at the right time?

Nearly all of the “news” he relayed, we already knew.

Yes, He has not yet determined the fate of Mets manager Luis Rojas, but it’s one of the things at the top of his to-do list, and oh, by the way, no one in the Mets organization, including all coaches, should consider their job safe.

There was nothing new there, and it was the same when Alderson spoke at length about Steve Cohen’s search for a Director of Baseball Operations is the number one need for the Mets and something that Cohen is working on diligently.

Well, we should hope so, though Alderson did reveal that Cohen’s search last year was hindered by the failure to get permission from MLB to talk to several candidates who were employed with other teams.

Mets Owner Steve Cohen: Time To Make The Moves
Mets Owner Steve Cohen: Time To Make The Moves

Alderson also indicated the Mets are facing the same problem now. This would seem to suggest that both Theo Epstein, who is employed by MLB itself, and Billy Beane of the Oakland A’s fall into this category.

Generally, allowing at least an interview is a courtesy regularly provided to teams in need of new personnel – and MLB’s dragging its feet gives cause to wonder if something isn’t going on beneath the surface.

After all, 99% of the candidates the Mets or any other team is interested in hiring are currently employed with another organization because all that remains is you and me with no experience.

Mets: Alderson As The Organization’s Salesman

On another front, Alderson framed himself as the number one Mets salesman, claiming it was his job to sell the Mets organization as an up and coming but not quite there yet investment that future hirees are interested in joining.

Mets Acting GM Zack Scott
Mets Acting GM Zack Scott

Again, what’s new there? I suppose many Mets fans had thought Alderson was doing this since day one, and not as some “new” strategy and formula for success that he was trying to sell us on.

The one noticeable and shocking piece of news coming from Alderson is that the Mets have yet to break ties with Zack Scott, who was arrested for drunk driving during the early part of summer.

According to Alderson, the Mets have not decided on Scott’s status, and they are awaiting the results of his legal battle, which is supposed to come in early October.

Juxtaposing the Mets stated goal of changing their culture against their stance on Scott is an anomaly that indeed passes me by, and is Scott the best the Mets can do in their GM position?

Clarity Is Not In The Mets Dictionary

In short, Sandy Alderson can’t provide clarity to us on any issue because he has no clarity himself, nor does Steve Cohen.

Alderson acknowledges that he and he alone will be making the hiring and firing decisions for the Mets until the Director of Baseball Operations is hired. Still, he adds that the new person may or may not choose to follow his choices in the interim.

Now, what the hell does that mean?

Could we find a situation, for example, in which Alderson dismisses Rojas, hires a new manager, and the new person coming in say’s “Mmm, not so fast, I’ve got someone else in mind” – good Lord – more Mets dysfunction?

Buckle Up, This Ain’t Gonna Be Easy

As fans, we are only assured that this offseason and winter will be a long and hard one to endure, given all that is on the Mets plate to resolve before April 1, 2022.

Alderson seems to agree with that, but there is cause to wonder if there is a step-by-step organizational plan sketched out on the whiteboard in his office and when the first of those will be X’d out as “Completed.”

I see no reason to believe there is a plan and that the Mets are stumbling through with no direction home, just as the team did the second half of the season.

I wish I could report otherwise, but Alderson showed nothing the contrary yesterday…

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