Mets News And Notes: Nobody Has Asked Me But…

Citi Field - Home of the New York Mets (Photo: Trip Advisor)

 A quick tour of Mets news and notes as the final week of April begins with series against the Phillies and Brewers…

***  It appears though Jacob deGrom is pulling a Noah Syndergaard following three consecutive days of throwing “with no pain” while ostensibly convincing the Mets there is no need for an MRI to reveal the facts of the case.

Jacob deGron, Injured or Not? (Photo: New York Post)
Jacob deGrom, Injured or Not? (Photo: New York Post)

It was Syndergaard, you’ll recall, who refused the same procedure prior to making his next three starts, only to reveal there was damage, ultimately removing him from the rotation for two months.

How is it the Mets could even begin to take the chance of this happening again with deGrom, especially after having invested $137 million in his future? Go figure.

Correction: As it turns out, deGrom was given an MRI and it came out “Clean”. Good for the Mets and deGrom.

***  I’m still trying to figure out what difference Mickey Callaway has made as manager of the Mets.

***  In other Mets news, the impending return of Todd Frazier from the Injured List is more of a problem than a solution. They’ve got him playing shortstop during his rehab time in Syracuse to fill a hole there with a “ready-or-not” approach – and I just don’t know…

It may be too early to trade him, but I’m hoping Brodie Van Wagenen is answering all calls and making some of his own to get more bullpen help for the Mets.

***  Can the Mets season be any more upside down? Trumped as their strength, the Mets have the third worst ERA of any pitching staff in the majors, trailing only the Orioles and Red Sox.

Peter Alonso, New York Mets Photo Credit: Sporting News
Peter Alonso, New York Mets Photo Credit: Sporting News

Supposedly, the team is hot on the trail of Gio Gonzalez, who opted out of his contract with the Yankees on Saturday. And what of Dallas Keuchel? I don’t see him signing now until after the amateur draft in June when the albatross of losing a draft pick for signing him is lifted.

***  Are there any remaining doubters regarding Pete Alonso‘s ability to hit major league pitching? Kudos to the Mets for not yielding to the temptation to stick him in the minors to gain another year of control.

***  I’ll never be convinced Steven Matz, start to start, is a major league pitcher, at least based on what he’s shown with the Mets. Even in his best starts, he exhibits little or no command of the strike zone, or trust in his pitches. 103 pitches in a recent five-inning stint just don’t cut it, even though the Mets treat him as the “hometown” boy he is…

Update: Matz turned in six innings of nearly perfect work Monday night to earn his first victory of the year against the first-place Phillies. I’d love to be proven wrong on this one.

Noah Syndergaard, New York Mets (Photo:
Noah Syndergaard, New York Mets (Photo:

***  Noah Syndergaard needs a dose of Jacob deGrom maturity, and he doesn’t need to tell us he stinks because we’re witnessing it with our very own eyes. If it’s not a physical issue he’s once again ignoring, then it has to be something between the ears.

Sometime soon, Syndergaard must realize he is the number two starter on a pennant contending team. The Mets need 30+ starts from him and 15-18 wins, or his team is lost. Syndergaard has to be a concern of Callaway and Co. at this stage of the season.

***  In other Mets news, let’s check the stats so far. Yup, I see it. Travis d”Arnaud has one hit in nineteen at-bats since his return. That was worth the wait, no?

***  Edwin Diaz, not Robinson Cano, will mark the legacy of Brodie Van Wagen as a General Manager of the New York Mets. An unbelievable talent, if only the Mets can get to him in the ninth inning enough times in a save situation.

***  Speaking of Brodie, he’s been awful quiet lately…

***  The Mets said Jason Vargas deserved another chance. He got it against the Cardinals, but his lack-luster performance leaves him with a -0.4 WAR and an astounding 2.223 WHIP. I’ve never seen that. Are the Mets deluding themselves?


Jeff McNeill, New York Mets Photo Credit: Newsday
Jeff McNeill, New York Mets Photo Credit: Newsday

Rabid Mets fans may read through this shaking their head and wondering why this guy is so negative. Well, I’m not and there is a good reason to believe the Mets are in it to stay in it, especially thanks to their fledgling offense, highlighted by the emerging talent of Jeff McNeil, which enables them to come back even in a losing cause as they did on Sunday when the pitching goes haywire.

I do, however, stand by the comments and questions about the team as indicated above. What say you?

Written by Steve Contursi, Editor, Reflections On Baseball
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