Mets, Mickey Callaway: Crawling From The Wreckage

Mets Fans Caught In The Middle (Photo: New York Post)

How many ways can Mickey Callaway say “I’m sorry “? How many ways can the Mets spin this? Is a fine all a spineless team can come up with…

Is it possible that when Dave Eiland was offered at the sacrificial altar, Mickey Callaway was informed by Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen he too would be severed from the team when the current road trip is completed?

If true, yesterday’s inexcusable and in you face exchange with a reporter by Callaway a “who the hell cares? I’m going down anyway” a bit more understandable.

Uh uh, not in this day and age of baseball. Like it or not, the media rules. Embedded reporters report on the team they are assigned to. Scores and stats are available everywhere. Opinion based reporting that adds to a box score is highly valued by fans. The same fans who buy tickets and watch the ads on SNY-TV.

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In that light, Mickey Callaway (and let’s not forget the “street cred” voice of Jason Vargas), committed a mortal sin for which there is no atonement.

Predictably, the Mets were quick to publish a statement containing the usual mea culpas.

Equally as predictable, the statement included the reassurance that behavior of this type “will not be tolerated”.

Of interest, the Mets did not specify which of the two culprits they were speaking about. Leaving open the burning issue of where Callaway stands with the Mets as he sits in his hotel room in Philadelphia.

To mistake that the mess is all about Callaway ignores the real issue of the Mets franchise as a whole. This is dysfunction at the highest order – and it’s not anything new.

Forget the Wilpons for a moment. I know it’s hard but they do not run the day-to-day operation of the New York Mets. That job belongs to Brodie Van Wagenen, and like it or not, the buck stops in his office.

Reportedly, Van Wagenen left the clubhouse before the damage was done to catch a flight back to New York. Undoubtedly, those plans have been canceled and we’ll hear more damage control before tonight’s game against the Phillies. (See Video Below)

The trouble is, however, there is no way out for the Mets.

They’ll get ridiculed if they can Callaway by fans and the media crying “foul “, seeing the move as scapegoating.

Likewise, if they don’t dismiss Callaway, the Mets will be seen as gutless and not in tune with a good portion of their fan base.

It’s been said before, here and elsewhere, but apparently, it needs to be said again. The Mets need a complete overhaul of their clubhouse, players, coaches, and manager included.

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Do you think, for instance, Edwin Diaz is a happy camper when the Mets use him as the subject of the controversy regarding his usage? Don’t you think all he wants to say is, “just tell me what my job is, and I’ll do it for you”?

Similarly, contract or not, do you believe Jacob deGrom is happy knowing he’s probably sentenced to finish out his career with a losing team, busting his butt with start after quality start, and leads lost before he even hits the shower?

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Will the Mets ever demand of Noah Syndergaard that it’s time to grow up? Cut your hair and give us what you are capable of doing. Otherwise, we no longer have use for you or your “potential”.

Ditto for Juan Lagares, Zack Wheeler, Amed Rosario, Steven Matz…I’m sorry, I cannot list them all.

Some Mets fans will comment, “Who’s gonna pitch if we get rid of all these guys” My answer is simple. How do you like looking at the National League East Standings with these guys pitching for you? New blood equals new opportunities.

Mickey Callaway is an insignificant piece of the big picture for the Mets. It hardly matters whether he stays or goes.

The matter of the Mets ongoing dysfunction continues. I’m weary from saying it and most Mets fans are tired of hearing it.

Alas, the team still has 80 some games left to play on their schedule…beginning tonight in Philadelphia facing a Phillies team that is 1-9 in their last ten…but we’ve been there before, haven’t we? Waiting.

This Just In:

The Mets have fined both Callaway and Vargas. Whoopie. Here’s Van Wagenen’s press conference announcing the fines.

Written by Steve Contursi, Editor, Reflections On Baseball
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