Mets: Hop On Board – This Is Gonna Be A Real Barn Burner

Mets Contributions From Everywhere (Photo: Bleacher Report)

The Mets are the hottest thing in baseball. The team and their coaching staff are firing on all cylinders. If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to join the fun.

There are Mets fans and then there are Mets Fans. Baseball has a long season, and it’s not uncommon for fans to drop by the wayside if their team isn’t doing well. Not so for Mets Fans, but they’re a story unto themselves.

In case you haven’t noticed, Mets fans, your team is now back in the thick of things, challenging for a spot in the postseason. Citi Field is rocking, and sellout crowds are commonplace. Two wins in a row against the Cleveland Indians, a powerhouse team in the American League Central Division, is no small accomplishment for the Mets.

But it’s only the beginning. The Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs are on tap to close out this homestand. They’re probably asking themselves why they did this (now), but the Mets are offering a 40% discount on tickets for the remainder of the season. This, to honor Pete Alonso‘s 40th home run making him the king among rookies in the National League for that accomplishment. (Video)

Generally, there are four essential components to a major league team. Starting pitching, your bullpen, your regular lineup, and your bench – or role players. When one of these components stalls, another must pick up the slack. Six weeks ago, the Mets bullpen was not only stalled, but they were close to having their engine seized.

None of the other components were able to rise, and the consequences became bared in the standings. A team that was spinning its wheels – a team going nowhere. Fans and fans alike noticed, and empty seats became the norm at Citi Field.

Mets Fans Knew It All Along

Today, it’s a different story. The Mets starting pitching, led by Jacob deGrom, has been almost immaculate. Contributions from position players in the regular lineup come from everywhere. Last night it was J.D. Davis. The night before it was Michael Conforto and his home run that put the Mets on top for good.

Today, the bullpen bends, but it rarely breaks. A check of the Box Score from last night’s game reveals five different relievers who came on to carry the Mets through, holding down the fort after Marcus Stroman departed after the fourth inning.

Four different Mets drove in runs last night, including one from bench player Luis Guillorme. The team played errorless baseball.

The Mets waited patiently of Indians Starter Adam Plutko to run out of gas, which he did after completing six innings of pitches Mets hitters couldn’t touch. Once into the Indians bullpen, the Mets pounced. That’s what winning teams do. That’s what the Mets are doing.

The Best Is Yet Come – Mets Fans Say So

Mets Fans note that except for recently acquired Joe Panik, this is the same team Mickey Callaway has run out there since the beginning of the season. What’s different Mets fans may ask. What have I missed?

Well, you’ve missed a lot. But mainly, you’ve missed watching a team that never gives up or gives in. Last night’s game might have been a microcosm of the past few weeks. But there much pain and suffering before that. Mickey Callaway’s head was on the block. Robinson Cano couldn’t find it within himself to run out ground balls. Brodie Van Wagenen took to hiding from the press, or spinning tales no one believed when he did encounter a reporter.

To all Mets Fans, you deserve accolades for hanging in there when the going was tough. I would, however, ask you to squeeze in a bit in the bleachers to make for Mets fans who are anxious to join or re-join the party,

The Mets have yet to accomplish anything, and there is more work to do. You can count on one thing though – it’s going to be a real barn burner getting there…

Written by Steve Contursi, Reflections On Baseball
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