Mets: Here We go Again – Acting GM Zack Scott Arrested On DUI Charges

Steve Cohen's Master Plan At Work (

Either the Mets have the worst luck, or they are incredibly dysfunctional when choosing their GMs. Add Zack Scott to the fatalities…

Mets Breaking News:

@JeffPassan On the night of New York Mets, GM Zack Scott was arrested for allegedly driving drunk; he was at the Connecticut home of team owner Steve Cohen, sources tell ESPN. A fundraiser for the team’s Amazin’ Mets Foundation was held at the house, and Scott and players were there.

Zack Scott: Mets GM answer no more
Zack Scott: Mets GM answer no more

As reported by CBS Sports, Scott initially joined the Mets as an assistant general manager last December after spending nearly two decades with the Boston Red Sox organization. In January, he took over the general manager position once the Mets fired Jared Porter following an ESPN report that Porter had harassed a female reporter in part by sending unsolicited, explicit photographs.

Though not directly connected, following his dismissal as the Mets manager, Mickey Callaway was later found to be a harasser of women in the workplace and subsequently exiled from baseball.

What the hell is going on here?

For the Mets, the timing of Zack’s eventual fall from grace within the organization couldn’t have come at a worse time on the heels of the “Thumbs Gate” ordeal perpetrated by two key Mets players, Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez.

Mets Games, What Games?

The Mets modest win streak of four games now goes down the drain as tomorrow’s headlines and subsequent stories about Scott’s arrest once again put the Mets organization in a negative light.

It’s so easy to say you can’t make this stuff up, but it’s real, and it’s happening in the face of a culture Steve Cohen named as a priority to correct from past doings by Mets ownership and personnel.

Zack Scott, like all of us, is human, and on the one hand, who can fault him for attending a party in the splendor of a multi-billionaire’s home, where food and drink were plentiful, and not indulging in makings of a fun and memorable evening?

Scott’s downfall, however, was the decision to drive home instead of calling UBER. Scott and the organization will now live with that, and the pressure will escalate on Cohen to find not one but two additions to his top front office staff.

Mets In Disarray Again

Did Steve Cohen sign up for this?

I seriously doubt it, and if the events of this and if the recent days haven’t convinced him yet that baseball teams are an entirely different entity than operating a successful financial company, then he’s a better man than we would have thought.

Cohen’s road in the past has not been without hiccups, and the financial newspaper is filled with stories about his brush with the Feds over mispractices as he built his empire, where if you aren’t a target, you are nothing.

But baseball? This was supposed to be a hobby like a shark tank and other toys at his home.

Mets: Look Out Below…

Mets: It's Organizational, Steve. Fix it.
Mets: It’s Organizational, Steve. Fix it.

A man of patience, maybe, but I’m not so sure.

Steve Cohen has promised a three-year path to Mets fans, leading to a parade down the Canyon of Heroes.

Nothing but roadblocks are being thrown up to block that path, and the offseason is fast approaching.

I don’t know Steve Cohen personally, but if I were anyone associated with the team or hierarchy, I’d be on high alert because hammers are about to fall…and maybe it’s about time.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Bill Lindsay Uber too expensive? Or to peasant?

Ron Donald With that team, I’d drink too!

Rob Lieb Backman Beltran, Mickey, Scott, and one more pervert I forgot? How do you always pick an HR nightmare so many times? I would take his interview guide and rip it up tonight !!

Erica Marie Good read. Spot on. Here’s the irony. Jared Porter and Zack Scott both worked for Theo Epstein during his Red Sox days. Not no proof that these were great guys who turned bad, but just more evidence that the culture in this organization is toxic. Everyone has to go. Everyone from the top down.

Luke Monaghan Mets (meaning Cohen?) should be supplying cars for people at parties. DUI is a blessing in disguise and saves lives. How many of us drive and shouldn’t.

Jason Lefkowitz I hope none of this surprises you. Only the Mets can have their interim GM arrested for sleeping in his car, not in the driver’s seat, and arrested for DWI. SMH

Anthony Damadeo Cohen needs to do something.

Mary Ann Grennen I don’t even know what to say. No wonder other fan bases laugh at us.

Carlos Borges The Porter one was a bad one. Scott became the acting GM. The Mets had nothing to do with his bad decision-making today. That was his own self inflicted wound he did to himself

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