Mets: Czar Van Wagenen Fires Edgardo Alfonzo – God Help Us

Brodie Van Wagenen: Out of control (Photo: Yahoo)

Mets GM Czar, Brodie Van Wagenen, just let the air out of the team’s 2020 balloon by firing Edgardo Alfonzo – apparently just because he can…

Mets General Manager, Brodie Van Wagenen, flies by the stealth of night and under the radar. And when no one is looking, he pounces on his prey whether he is hungry or not.

Today, we get the news that Czar Van Wagenen is (apparently) not satisfied with the performance of Edgardo Alfonzo, the manager of the Mets team in the Class-A New York-Penn League.

Edgardo Alfolzo, Mets Managerial Candidate
Edgardo Alfonzo, Mets Managerial Candidate

Throw him in the trash bin says Czar Van Wagenen, despite the fact Alfonzo led his team to a Championship in this very competitive short-season league.

And never mind that the players tossed Alfonzo’s way were mostly raw and young draft picks, living in most cases, four to a bedroom at a host-families home – and still in need of Daddy to show the way (which Alfonzo did for many of them). Yup, forget that.

Not only is Alfonzo’s dismissal unwarranted and disgraceful, but it’s also a sign that Czar Brodie is out for the full power grab.

Profiled here only a few days ago, Edgardo Alfonzo was thought by many to be a candidate to replace Mickey Callaway as manager of the Mets.

But unless Czar Brodie is mimicking George Steinbrenner, who took a liking to use his power to fire Billy Martin, just so he could hire him again, we’ve seen the last of Alfonzo in a Mets uniform.

Mets Fans: Prepare For The After-Tremors

In one swift move, Czar Brodie has reduced the Mets campaign to hire a new manager to a charade. Qualified candidates, you all can move aside to make way for the yet to be unveiled puppet who will be cast with all the effectiveness of a bullpen coach.

We’ve seen the signs before from Czar Brodie. We’ve witnessed the phone calls made from his couch at home to a trainer who happened to answer the phone in the clubhouse during a game. With instructions from the boss to Callaway to “get (Jacob) deGrom out of the game – now!”, that should have been an omen of what was to come.

Leading The 2019 Charge (Photo: Forbes)
Leading The 2019 Charge (Photo: Forbes)

What’s next? Who’s next? Is Mr. Met, David Wright even safe from expulsion?

We thought, or at least hoped, it was coming to an end. That the dysfunction making the Met’s organization the laughing stock of baseball at times was safely in the hands of Brodie Van Wagenen, the new kid on the block.

It turns out though he’s not the new kid. He’s (or thinks he is) the new sheriff in town bent on cleaning up Dodge.

Right. Just like all those politicians who ran in 2016, claiming they were going to clean up the “swamp in Washington”.

Czar Brodie: There’s No On To Rein Him In

You have to excuse me, but from where I sit, Brodie Van Wagenen has sucked out all of the goodwill and positive spirit brought on by the Mets finish to the 2019 season.

There’s a black mark on the Mets franchise again that raises the edginess and distrust in the unknown – and what else Czar Brodie intends to do.

Checks and balances are not at work as long as Van Wagenen doesn’t reach into the Wilpon’s pocket for money. Czar Brodie can make moves like this one all day, and not worry about receiving a “Hey, what are you doing” phone call from Fred Wilpon.

Maybe there’s a reason. And Van Wagenen will reveal that Alfonzo exposed himself to five children on three different subway cars on Tuesday night. But no one should hold their breath waiting for any kind of reason – but it doesn’t matter anyway.

Czar Brodie fired Edgardo Alfonzo because he could…

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