Mets: Commissioner, try telling Pete Alonso it’s only “a piece of metal”

Rob Manfred giving everyone a headache (USA Today)

The Mets exist only to lay claim to that “piece of metal,” Rob Manfred’s nonchalant reference to the World Series trophy. They get it, a shame he doesn’t.

Mets Rookie of the Year Pete Alonso has an interest in acquiring a piece of metal that has no value to the Commissioner of Baseball, Rob Manfred.

“There’s one goal, and that’s to win a World Series,” Alonso said. “I want to be celebrating on a parade float drunk as hell. That’s the goal.”

Commissioner Manfred's "Piece Of Metal"
Commissioner Manfred’s “Piece Of Metal”

While Alonso’s comment was not directed toward Manfred, and it came before the Commissioner referred to the World Series trophy as “a piece of metal,” it does reflect Manfred’s disengagement from the sport he supposedly loves.

Except for Jake Marisnick and J.D. Davis doing their best to deny personal involvement in the sign-stealing scandal during their time with the Astros, the Mets have successfully remained in the background as protests have heightened.

The Yankees and, to a lesser vocal extent, the Dodgers, are at war with the Commissioner. Both teams feel harsher measures are warranted against the Astros, who effectively may have stolen World Championships from them.

Mets: That’s A Flagrant Foul, Commissioner

From a distance, Mets fans can only watch with puzzlement Manfred threw gasoline on the fire when he claimed in an ESPN interview that the intense public scrutiny was “a form of discipline, and maybe the most powerful deterrent of anything that we did here.”

Really now? I mean, come on, Pete. Why are you getting your teammates and Mets fans all riled up about a World Series title and a piece of metal?

Well, the all too obvious answer to Manfred is if it’s only a piece of metal, then why don’t you take the cheating Astros two trophies back? No need says, Manfred – they’ve already been publicly shamed.

Manfred: And Don’t You Dare…

Wait, there’s more. Manfred is prepared to issue a memo to the Mets and all teams that will extend a protective umbrella over Houston players during the 2020 season.

The directive is expected to include a warning to pitchers who might seek retaliation against Houston batters. Suspensions for violators will also be prescribed.

In effect, Mets pitchers, who by the way will be facing the Astros in interleague contests in early June, will need to be extra careful when they pitch inside. Wait until the Yankees get a hold of this one.

Dodgers hurler Ross Stripling has already indicated he might retaliate, telling ESPN, “I would lean toward yes,” he said. “At the right time and in the right place. But yeah, it would certainly be on my mind.”

Mets Keeping Their Eyes On That Piece Of Metal

By nature, professional ballplayers are ultra-competitive beings. Mets players like Alonso, Jeff McNeil, and Brandon Nimmo are in it to win it. That trophy means everything to them.

Mets Pete Alonso: Eyes on that piece of metal ((Michael Owens/Getty Images))
Mets Pete Alonso: Eyes on that piece of metal (Michael Owens/Getty Images)

As it does to Mets fans, who would throng to the Jackie Robinson Rotunda at Citi Field to have their picture taken next to the trophy on display.

Unwittingly perhaps, and with particular disparagement to baseball, Rob Manfred has issued his version of “Remember The Alamo” to fans who understand the game far better than he does.

“A piece of metal”? Six months, 162 games, 1500 innings, constant travel and late arriving flights, rain delays, losing streaks, separation from families, slumps…all for merely a ticket to the postseason and the opportunity to claim that trophy.

Mets players and fans know better. That trophy carries with it the very essence of major league baseball.

Shame on the Commissioner for suggesting otherwise.

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