Mets Carlos Beltran: Thy will be done because it had to be done

The Mets and Carlos Beltran have agreed to a parting of their ways. Both sides can count this as a triumph far removed from the backdrop that caused it…

The Mets and Carlos Beltran did the right thing. He has been dismissed and will not be the manager of the New York Mets in 2020.

In doing so, the Mets will now have their fourth manager (yet to be determined) in three years. Three of them, Mickey Callaway, Beltran, and a new appointee, will be on the team payroll this year – an oddity that challenges only the circumstances surrounding Beltran’s departure.

Sometimes, S__t Happens…

Both the Mets and Beltran releases statements that accurately expressed the solemn and unwanted nature as to how the impact of events has affected them.

From the Mets camp, we hear

“We met with Carlos last night and again this morning and agreed to mutually part ways,” Mets COO Jeff Wilpon and general manager Brodie Van Wagenen said in a statement Thursday. “This was not an easy decision. Considering the circumstances, it became clear to all parties that it was not in anyone’s best interest for Carlos to move forward as Manager of the New York Mets.ESPN News Services

And from a contrite Carlos Beltran, these words:

“I am a man of faith and integrity and what took place did not demonstrate those characteristics that are so very important to my family and me. I’m very sorry. It’s not who I am as a father, a husband, a teammate, and as an educator. The Mets organization and I mutually agreed to part ways, moving forward for the greater good with no further distractions.”ESPN News Services

Mets, Beltran, you, me – there are no winners

Mets fans, media, and writers such as myself will be rehashing these events over the next few days. But it will not be (I hope) with any relish of vindictiveness that is directed to either the Mets or Beltran.

The two sides of Carlos Beltran (Photo: New York Post)

Brodie Van Wagenen was accurate in one thing he said – these things happened in Houston and not New York.

Still, as we know, if you rob a bank in St.Louis, you can always be arrested for the crime in Provo, Utah.

The background is almost too overwhelming to absorb, and blame or fault for how we ended up here today is gray – not black or white.

That is unless either the Mets or Beltran are willing to divulge the precise nature of the discussion they had on the subject of sign-stealing during the interview process.

There’s a better chance of Phoenix having overnight freezing temperatures tomorrow than that happening – but you know what – that’s good.

Mets: Let It Be, Let It Be

Let it be, and let’s move on.

Mets Fans Of The Future (Photo:
Mets Fans Of The Future (Photo:

The Mets have as good a chance to win the NL East as anyone in their division.

These days, managers are media people more than anything else. Wins, losses, it doesn’t matter.

Get out there to meet the press – and make sure you make the organization look good.

Beltran probably would have been that guy, which is why the team wanted him back in November.

We live in an ever-evolving and unpredictable world, though. But one thing hasn’t changed, and Mets fans need to remember this.

The 26 men occupying the Mets clubhouse are the same as the players who were there yesterday and before the events of today.

Lets the games begin and screw the rest.

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