Mets: By Now, They’re Used To It – Just Another Day At The Office

Citi Field, home of the New York Mets

When the Mets heard of Noah Syndergaard’s setback during a rehab, there could have been little shock – just a feeling of Que sera, sera.

If the Mets are learning anything this season, it’s how to pick up the pieces to move on.

Returning from Tommy John surgery is always a game played on a slippery slope. Some come back stronger than ever (Zack Wheeler), and some never come back at all (Kerry Wood, Cubs).

Noah Syndergaard, Starting Pitcher, New York Mets (Photo: New York Daily News)
Noah Syndergaard, Starting Pitcher, New York Mets (Photo: New York Daily News)

All systems looked like go for Noah Syndergaard, though, as he appeared to stay with the program the Mets planned for him that was targeted for a return in late June – until last night when he was forced out of a rehab start in Port St. Lucie, Florida, after only pitching an inning on Tuesday evening because he experienced right elbow discomfort.

“No one is overly concerned. It was more preventative than anything taking him out after throwing one inning because of his discomfort. It just didn’t feel right.”

That from Mets manager Luis Rojas following last night’s win over the Colorado Rockies. (North

The Mets — and their fans — had been counting (hoping might be a better choice of words) on having Syndergaard back in the rotation. The Mets have 17 players on the injured list as of this writing, including right-hander Carlos Carrasco.

Mets Can Do Nothing But Take It All In Stride

Que sera, sera – whatever will be will be as the expression goes – is the standard-bearer of Mets’s thinking these days.

Throw Murphy’s Law in there too if you want – “If anything can go wrong, it will,” but a glance at the National League East Standings shows the Mets still leading the pack, albeit with a slim one-game margin over the Atlanta Braves.

Acting Mets Gm Zack Scott (NY Times)
Acting Mets Gm Zack Scott (NY Times)

Acting Mets GM Zack Scott has been noticeably quiet over the last week or so, save for a few “go get ’em team” messages to the faithful, so eerily reminiscent of what we used to hear from Brodie Van Wagenen.

A check of the MLB Transaction Wire reveals that other teams are claiming players designated for assignment or released, either building depth to their team or looking for help now.

The Milwaukee Brewers, for instance, claimed RF Jake Hager off waivers from New York Mets, assigning him to their Triple-A club in Nashville.

No one can expect the Mets to pull a rabbit out of their hat, but in the face of zero moves, aside from letting Hager go, it’s not a good look for Scott and the Mets, given their circumstances.

Mets: How Far Can The Patchwork Lineup Take Them?

Most baseball fans would have to say, not far. Last night’s pitching effort by Jacob deGrom was a lift, but it was still a game in which nine hits produced only three runs, par for the course for the Mets these days.

Mets Catcher Tomas Nido
Mets Catcher Tomas Nido

With runners in scoring position (RISP), the Mets were 0-6, leaving nine men on base. The hero of late, Tomas Nido, saved the team with a two-run homer in the sixth inning that set up the eighth save for Edwin Diaz this year.

With the exceptions of Luis Guillorme and Taijuan Walker, who are expected back by week’s end, no other Mets player on the IL is coming back until June, with nearly all not arriving until late June.

Especially when the players not available have names like J.D. Davis, Jeff McNeil, and Michael Conforto.

Mets Playing Through Injuries The Only Alternative

Nowadays, players don’t play through injuries, and when they do, it usually bites them in the butt, as in the case of Pete Alonso, who played himself onto the IL recently – but teams do play through injuries.

Injuries, as is said, are part of the game. We talk about team depth, but that is only an offseason goal because, as the Mets are seeing, once the season is underway and at the quarter-pole as this one is, pickings are slim, and you have what you have.

Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson have been careful with their choice of words, but clearly, they are not happy about picking up the pieces of an all but decimated Mets farm system, accentuated by ill-advised trades. (think Robinson Cano in exchange for Jarred Kelenic et al.)

But The Beat Goes On…

Did the Mets envision themselves as the team in first place in the dog-eat-dog NL East at this stage of the season? Realistically, we’d have to say no.

But then again, did the Mets envision a season where seventeen of their players would undergo stints on the IL, including seven of the nine players who started on Opening Day. Surely, not.

Yes, here we are in this topsy-turvy 2021 season with a Mets team holding on for their dear life, playing a brand of baseball that is geared to keep their fans around and happy with their play and the effort behind it.

Can we really ask for more…

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