Mets Fans And Readers Reply – Believers And Non-Believers

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What makes this all worthwhile for me is when readers react to a column that I’ve written. Mets fans are passionate about their team, one way or another. Here’s a sampling of the comments that came in overnight from yesterday’s column which appears below in case you missed it.

Mets: Slide Continues And The “Ya Gotta Believe” Fans Still Believe?

Please Note: 

The following comments are culled from a variety of Mets Facebook Groups in which I am a member. They are not edited. If you are offended by some of the choices of wording, please don’t shoot the messenger.  Best to all, Steve Contursi

Anthony Campos Watching the replay of 1986 nl east clinching what I would give for one more season with every player on that team

Baird Cuber You Gotta Bereave.

Frank DeRasmi Its not 1973 and Tug is long gone……nothing to believe in this shit season.

Janet Hidalgo Right on the money Steve Contursi. Here is something else to ponder. Mets have only sustained this many injuries since moving to Citi Field. An explanation for most of the injuries, not all, is the harder surface of Citi field. Both Shea and Citi wer…See More

  • Andrea Marcus I believe they need new freaking ownership and a reliable MF-ing bullpen, if that counts
  • Anthony Ayala Dude go over to the Yankees already !!! Trying to make it as a beat writer so let’s keep on stabbing at the Mets that will get you far 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️
    Ron Keller Jr. He made some valid points

    Michael DeBlasie And everyone shit on me about a month ago when I made fun of the “you gotta believe” and “miracle Mets” fans. Team is not good and is not going anywhere this year.

    Will Irish keep losin Lee Hammond

    Kasi Rizzolo-Wilkinson Ya gotta believe is a losers mantra…it never works

     Will Irish the mets blow
    Herbert Greenebaum Don’t forget…this amateur author is self-proclaimed Yankees fan.
    Michael Koone I wish I see what you see.
    For me it’s football season then again I’m in for more torture because I’m a Jets fan. Ugh
    Bill Hollis Fan. Shortened from ‘fanatic’. Live in Philly. WON’T stop. TUG McGRAW was a MET!!

    Connie A. LoVecchio I still believe!

    Kerry-Ann Costigan Brown I’m a believer
    Always have been
    Always will be See More

    Michael Bloodgood I love the Mets but there is no way this team turns it around. There is no heart with this team. No wright or Murphy type guys. When everyone slumps this bad it’s indicative of larger problems. GM and coach need to go. Slumping veterans need to go. Gotta cut away the cancer before it spreads even more.

Nick AIan They’re awful. How do they start 11-1 then rank barely above the Marlins?

Craig Straus Streak hitters no consistent bat in this lineup. Cesp not in hurry to get back farm system besides Alfonso is a joke. Ownership and their puppet Sandy, could careless how the Mets finish, as long people show up you will get same results

Mets: Some Takeaways

A consistent theme running through these comments seems to be frustration. No one is walking away from the team, though, and that in itself is remarkable. My nomination for the best comment goes to Baird Cuber You Gotta Bereave. 

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