Mets: Alderson’s Press Conference Stresses Collaboration And Culture

Sandy Alderson ushers in the Mets Era Of Good Feelings

The Mets New Era came today with direction and leadership at the top. Here are few takeaways from today’s opening press conference at Citi Field.

The Mets New Era officially opened today with a wide-ranging press conference. Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson laid out the framework of the team’s organizational plan to move forward.

Optimism and enthusiasm prevailed, but substance, some very surprising, leads to these takeaways:

  • As some incorrectly assumed, Sandy Alderson will not be involved in the day-to-day player personnel decisions. Instead, he will defer to his yet to be appointed “President of Baseball Operations”. Regarding that position, Alderson hinted that a world-wide search might not be necessary, as the person may already be working in the Met’s organization.
    Mets Fans Of Today and Tomorrow (Photo:
    Mets Fans Of Today and Tomorrow (Photo:
  • As to the Mets activity in the free-agent market, Alderson said the Mets would be shopping mostly “in the meat and potatoes” section, but they will also explore the “gourmet” aisle as well.”
  • Alderson made it a point to say that “Steve Cohen has a day job,” indicating that regardless of his interest in the Mets as a fan, Cohen will continue to work long and hard to keep funds available to the team. This highlights the level of responsibility Cohen will afford to Alderson.
    Luis Rojas: Rapport With His Mets Players (
    Luis Rojas: Rapport With His Mets Players (
  • Alderson has told Luis Rojas he will “more than likely” be the manager of the Mets in 2021. Adding a caveat, however, Alderson also indicated the final decision would rest in the new general manager’s hands.
  • Alderson stressed the need to execute the difference between perception and reality in what can be interpreted as a back-hand slap to the previous owners. In other words, it’s not enough to say the Mets need to overhaul and strengthen their minor leagues, you have to deliver, and that takes money, people, and a true commitment to making it happen.
  • Using the word “collaboration” several times, Alderson picked up on Steve Cohen caveat to having a successful business; the Mets will be seeking people who are “smarter than you are.” Provide them with a decision-making process that is logical, one that incorporates everyone, and then turn them loose to do the job they were hired to perform.
  • Before the press conference, Alderson made it a point to meets with Mets employees. Once again, he used the word collaboration to stress with enthusiasm his desire for a culture of pride, so as for each to be able to say – “I work for the New York Mets.”
  • As far as the Mets offseason and the holes that need to be filled, the usual suspects were outlined by Alderson. Starting pitching behind Jacob deGrom, the bullpen, and a quality catcher to replace Wilson Ramos were all mentioned and will be addressed.

Mets: The Era Of Good Feelings Is Off And Running

As a fan listening and watching throughout, it can be said this is real. Both Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson presented themselves as authentic, a character trait missing from the Mets for so long.

Like all business endeavors, perseverance and hard work are the only qualities that breed success. Half-in and half-out won’t do it.

Today, the Mets put their best foot forward to usher in what I’m terming as the Era Of Good Feelings for a battered franchise and fan base that is now (finally) in good hands.

The entire video broadcast of the Mets press conference can be seen here:


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