Is Me Me Noah Syndergaard About To Go Off The Deep End?

Mets get good news on Noah Syndergaard (Rich Schultz Getty)

Noah Syndergaard appears to be in a foot race with Trevor Bauer to figure out new ways of drawing attention to himself. His latest campaign…

Noah Syndergaard has launched a new campaign with the same old message – it’s all about me.

From the flowing blond locks tied into a ponytail to throwing his first pitch of spring training at 101 mph to his Instagram video of himself with sweat dripping down off his body in a self-prescribed bullpen session, and now this.

Noah Syndergaard - Rehabbing For Return In 2021 (NY Post)
Noah Syndergaard – Rehabbing For Return In 2021 (NY Post)

“I’m really big into grounding, or earthing, which is basically standing barefoot and making a connection to the earth,” Syndergaard told Clay Skipper, the son of longtime ESPN president John Skipper.

No shoes, no shirt, no service – but not for Noah Syndergaard – who if we didn’t know better is is not standing on earth – he’s floating high above it.

Wait, there’s more.

“In the afternoon I like to turn the sauna on, turn the hot tub on. I like to turn the Wi-Fi off, too, and try to mitigate as much EMF or dirty signals affecting how my mitochondria recovers and reacts,” Syndergaard said. “That’s another interesting thing that I like to do before I go to bed: turn the Wi-Fi off.”

Okay, stop right there. Is Noah Syndergaard putting us on?

If he is, then we can mark this up as yet another sequence that exists only to draw more attention to himself.

But if he isn’t putting us on, then the Mets have more to worry about than getting Syndergaard ready to pitch again.

Or maybe it’s as simple as Noah Syndergaard having way too much time on his hands while going through the rehab process following Tommy John surgery.

This theory is bolstered by the fact that, recently, he started posting those reads on his Instagram under the hashtag #NoahsBookClub, and even shared a phone number where followers could text him with thoughts on current titles or recommendations for future ones. (817-953-2575, if you’re interested.)

The quotes above come from an article aptly contained in Gentlemen’s Quarterly (GQ), and it makes for good beach reading, but not much else, unless you want to share it with your son or daughter who might see Noah Syndergaard as a baseball hero, wishing to gain some insight into how the world turns.

Noah Syndergaard Gets One-Upped By Trevor Bauer

Noah Syndergaard, however, has competition from another baseball free-spirit in Trevor Bauer.

Following his masterful win last night for the Dodgers, Bauer appeared for his postgame interview wearing a printed message attached to his shirt that read, “It’s not my logo, please don’t fine me”, a clear message to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, about something that was bugging Bauer.

When asked if he’d like to comment, Bauer’s reply was a terse, “Nope”.

See me, feel me, touch me – but that’s as close as you’ll get – until I’m good and ready to tell you more.

It’s one of those you gotta see it to believe it(s), so here’s the video:

Just Pitch, Noah – Just Pitch

Look, like most fans, I marvel at the talent both Syndergaard and Bauer have, and who am I to question what amounts to their First Amendment rights to express themselves?

What annoys me, instead, is why Bauer, for example, did not arrange for a phone line linked to the Commissioner’s office to say (directly) what is on his mind – out of the limelight – a pure business exchange?

Ditto Noah Syndergaard, who chooses to make his private life public, but only when he wishes to.

Rob Manfred giving everyone a headache (USA Today)
Rob Manfred giving everyone a headache (USA Today)

Guys, just pitch. That’s what you are paid to do, just do it.

Generally speaking, social media is something Major League Baseball (MLB) has been unwilling to confront. Legal ramifications exist all over the matter, but if MLB can tell players they must wear a mask, or not wear #42, then what’s the difference?

Noah Syndergaard and Trevor Bauer are both parts of a new generation of players who have a lot to say, and multiple platforms to say it on.

It’s my right, as it is yours, to ignore them, choosing instead to watch them at their craft, and leaving it at that.

I just wish to God I could do that…

Author’s Postscript 5/17/2021 3:45 pm ET

Fans differ with me as you’ll see in the comments, but I think many are missing the main idea. As I stated, Noah can believe and say anything he wants, but where is the need to draw attention to himself coming from? Why make the big splash in GQ? The social media platform is there and he can do with it what he wishes, but I think he should (first) be what he is – a superb major league pitcher, and why not leave it at that?

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Aedo Joe  He has been out too long. Thor needs to throw down his hammer.

Lynch Thomas  Noah is God

Allan Mitchell  I don’t like NOAH, never have, never will, which (wish) we would trade him already

David Ruckdeschel  Winning solves all. If he comes back and goes 8-2, nobody cares about the other shit. When Matt Harvey was blowing people away, nobody cared about him going out. It became an issue when he stopped winning.

Cathy Bradley  So what makes Noah any different than these idiot celebrities in Hollywood thinking they can solve the country’s problems. Leave the guy alone. If it makes him content to think that way who cares. Listen to him, don’t listen to him, as long as he’s healthy and pitching well who cares.

Scott R Trowbridge Sr.  All his talk is fine. But really, I think ” Thor ” mentioned that MLB is getting soft? Did he mean players? Gotta say if he did say that he needs to look in the mirror. Guys get hurt and that is not good. But, ” Thor ” has not been able to stay healthy himself quite a bit. Needs to look inward at himself I’d say before knocking the league.

Cicilia Gilbert  Who writes this stuff? God, they must be bored. Noah shared some of his personal life. Move the hell on. Grounding makes some people feel good. Some people like long hair. He took pictures so his fans know he’s trying and wants to get back to helping the team. We need better stories to read. This stuff is swill.

Victor Parlati Who cares? As long as he pitches well, so what?
Harvey Rosenblum  Ignore Noah.
Michael J. Cala  Noah is a complete idiot!
Connor Watrous  Ah yes, what an attention seeker for *checks notes* using his Instagram?
Hsin-Yuan Huang  Sorry, you are reflecting too much. Baseball is really an entertainment business. As long as it pertains to themselves, why do we even get bothered? They are also human. I just don’t want them to comment on things they really have no business of commenting and acting as if they know.
Thanks, and without objection, I’ll be adding your comment to the article.
Ryan Attiya  He’s probably bored waiting to get out on the field lol. This article screams “look at me” more than anything Noah’s done. If this article isn’t a joke, then whoever wrote it is

Jimmy Cherry  He is 29 years old with 47 career wins. Cut your hair, bury Thor, get healthy, shut your mouth, and get serious! The saddest thing in life is wasted talent!

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