Is Clint Frazier Going To Be The Yankees Next Sanchez “We Believe” Guy

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Clint Frazier can’t have a worse season since he was given the Yankees left-field job. Yet Boone keeps playing him – a sign he’s a Sanchez?

Clint Frazier is once again the subject as trade bait for the Yankees at the deadline.

His numbers (.188 BA, with 5 home runs, 14 RBI, and a .636 OPS, not counting tonight’s game) are abysmal since being awarded the regular job in left-field by Aaron Boone during the offseason.

Tanner Swanson - Remaking Gary Sanchez (Photo: The Athletic)
Tanner Swanson – Remaking Gary Sanchez (Photo: The Athletic)

And yet, Boone keeps running Frazier out there in much the same way he did previously with Gary Sanchez, despite the uproar from fans and the media calling for the head of Sanchez.

Here we sit today, though, with Gary Sanchez erupting as Boone said he would after all the disappointments, carrying the team on his back as the Yankees seek to make a race out of it in the AL East.

Clint Frazier And The “Potential” Kiss Of Death

The word “potential” has always been the kiss of death for so many in the major leagues, and it’s become a barroom subject for arguments across America, never ceasing and now capturing Clint Frazier.

The Yankees, never particularly known for their loyalty to players who have served them well (think Phil Rizzuto and his sudden release by the Yankee’s), but at the same time, they’ve appeared to be ultra-loyal to players who they take a fancy to.

While Gary Sanchez appears to fall into that coveted position, and the benefits of doing so now are rolling in the Yankees’ favor – is Clint Frazier about to be anointed with the same honor?

We’ll know soon as the July trade deadline is fast approaching. With the Yankee’s glaring need for a centerfielder and starting pitcher, Brian Cashman will once again be fielding calls from teams interested in acquiring Clint Frazier, just as he has from the day the Yankees traded for him in a deal with the Cleveland Indians that sent Andrew Miller away.

Ironically, as Yankees fans know ell, Gary Sanchez has long been the subject of similar rumors, some with founding and some not, but here’s a rejuvenated Sanchez as a legitimate contributor to the Yankees’ recent surge to tighten the AL East division race.

Are Frazier And Sanchez The Yankees “Favorites”

So the next question becomes, is Clint Frazier worthy of the same loyalty by the Yankees, and at some point soon, his potential, like Sanchez, will catch up with his performance on the field?

Yankees and Aaron Boone's leap of faith with Clint Frazier
Yankees and Aaron Boone’s leap of faith with Clint Frazier

Whether spurred by Cashman and the Yankees’ front office, as some believe, Aaron Boone has answered loud and clear by putting Clint Frazier in his lineup Friday in what can only be considered a pivotal series against the Red Sox at Fenway.

If it means anything, as I write this, Clint Frazier has contributed a bases-loaded walk to drive in a tying run early in the game.

Frazier has taken the typical steps to get it right over the years, adjusting his stance at the plate while also consciously eliminating the tendency to shoot himself with immature and counterproductive behavior the Yankees did not ignore.

And as we know, when push comes to shove in baseball, the only thing that matters is what have you done for me lately?

“I guess we all overrated the lineup,” said Dave Cokin, a Las Vegas baseball handicapper, and Clint Frazier has to be included in the pre-season predictions about the Yankees that are now being handicapped with a more conservative take.

Readers Say Dump Frazier But…

Judging solely on comments received from readers on previous articles I’ve penned on the Yankees and Clint Frazier this season, it’s clear Yankees fans have had it with Frazier and his time with the Yankees should end via trade by Brian Cashman.

Still, in the background looms the possibility that Clint Frazier might be the snake in the grass, on the cusp of erupting, just as his teammate Gary Sanchez is doing to help propel the Yankees to the 2021 playoffs.

For what it’s worth, I still believe in the upside of Clint Frazier’s lightning-fast bat and the power that comes with it.

But if you show me a centerfielder or a starting pitcher that fits with this Yankee’s team, and the trading partner will only accept Clint Frazier in return – sign me up (with regret).

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Steven Red Cano I think Clint will thrive in a change of environment. He is better suited for a smaller City.. like KC or a place like that

Jason Santiago No, because he’s never shown the ceiling Sanchez had. The patience surrounding Sanchez was because of his 2016 & 2017 seasons. Frazier is still playing because they lack quality OF depth.

Steven Kenworthy Still not sold on Frazier. Look at his offensive numbers and his often shaky defense. The Yanks see him as an impact player, I don’t.

Robert Kirschner Yankees have no other options outside of a trade…Florial is hitting under …200 at AAA

Richard Salomone Frazier is an athlete, not a ballplayer. He has NO BB instincts. NONE!!!!!

Joe Kepler Frazier is the real deal. His only issue is Aaron Boone and the Yankees. He’s been the scapegoat far too long. If he’s traded he’ll turn in to. .280 hitter 25 HRs 80-100 RBIs with solid defense. Author’s Note: Joe may be onto something here. Remember, Frazier was Cleveland’s first-round choice and 5th overall in the June 2013 College Draft

Mari Nessi Most definitely. I like the version of Frazier coming off the bench, not the LF guy.

Brian de Castro Hard to compare the two. Gary is a two-time All-Star who has hit more home runs in a season as a catcher – twice – than any Yankee ever. Frazier has yet to play a full season. He still has potential, and his defense has improved markedly, but he’s running out of time to fulfill that potential.

Judi Cecere Trade him if they can!

Anthony Rivera He’s never been really good, he’s had very brief moments. He’s more about Clint Frazier than about the Yankees and that’s the biggest issue.

Stu Cohen They don’t call him Red Blunder for nothing.He earns it.

Josias Gonzalez Sanchez been an All-Star twice Frazier never he is not even close Sanchez is way better and gets paid more to Frazier pennies

Jose Rivera Nothing new oh bases loaded no outs or 1 out what’s new a strikeout or double play man on 1st and 2nd no outs let hit away forget about advancing runners to scoring position Yankees will lead mayors in strikeouts hitting into double plays and leaving RISP

Chuck Tanner The experiment with Frazier is over. In the trade for Miller, the Yankees still made out with the production from Gio, who was left on the garbage heap. There is a team that will take him and give up someone of greater value

Nick Conners Gary has been good for a month. Actually- he’s been great for a month. That being said, he has been awful for 2 years. I want to believe he’s figured it out, but I need to see more. As far as Clint goes, he has all the tools to be great. Unfortunately, that applies to a lot of players who flamed out. Hopefully, he isn’t one of them.

Mary Ann Callanan In all fairness, Frazier is in a slump, but I’m sure he will produce very soon

Author’s Final Thoughts

It’s probably my fault, but I think my main point was missed by nearly all readers.

I did not mean to make this a comparison be Frazier and Sanchez. Instead, what I was trying to get at is if Frazier, like Sanchez, is the Yankees Boy, and they’re going with him come hell or high water.

If Frazier is like Sanchez in that sense, based on the comments above, it appears like many Yankees will be disappointed if they don’t part ways with Frazier.

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