Domingo German Distraction Is Not Worth It – Cut Him To The Minors Now

Domingo German - What Happened To This Picture Here

Eventually, Domingo German will be cut and sent to the minors for the tune-up he badly needs. So why go through the motions of all the drama?

Domingo German did an awful thing, and he knows it. Some will say he’s paid the price upon completing the 81-game suspension served over two seasons as imposed by Major League Baseball.

His level of atonement with his fiance and family members, at this stage, is a private matter and none of our business.

But as we know, professional sports teams comprise another level of a family that any player reckons with and relies on for support to meet and overcome the challenges necessary to build and execute a championship team.

Domingo German – A Day Of Reckoning

Domingo German knew the day was coming when he would be walking into the Yankees clubhouse for the first time as a man free to return to baseball.

Domingo German, Yankees Starting Pitcher (Photo:
Domingo German, Yankees Starting Pitcher (Photo:

Not surprisingly, Domingo German wanted the entire episode behind him yesterday and therefore is chomping at the bit to face his Yankees teammates to explain what can’t be explained.

Apparently, the Yankees feel the same anxiety and pressure to get this thing behind them, jumping the gun in scheduling a press conference as a vehicle for Domingo German to offer his mea culpa to the universe.

Upon further review, though, Yankees brass decided to postpone the media event because they felt it was out of order in German’s mea culpa schedule. Therefore his public mea culpa should be held after a meeting with his teammates.

In the backdrop to this is Zack Britton, who had already dropped a bomb on the optimism of the Yankees opening camp when he stated (paraphrasing), “You don’t always get to choose your teammates in baseball.”

Gulp. Swallow.

Caught off guard (really?) as well is Aaron Boonewho confessed to the New York Daily News that “his antenna is up.” He’s beginning to realize he may need to address the “situation” with individual players before losing control of his clubhouse – and yes – a ticket back to the ESPN booth.

Domingo German: ESL Can Only Hasten Your Penance

Here’s the rub, though. No matter what forum Domingo German speaks in, an interpreter will communicate since German did not see the benefit – or yes – the obligation to learn English as a second language during his year-and-a-half hiatus from baseball.

Domingo German - So Much To Prove 2021 (
Domingo German – So Much To Prove 2021 (

Interpreters interpret. They substitute words they believe communicate the same meaning, but who’s to say they capture an image or a sketch? Tone and emotion are automatically cast aside as well, leaving us with what – who knows?

Similarly, if Gary Sanchez showed any interest in learning English, his “heartfelt” recent statements about a rebound season might more easily be entertained and believed.

Along the same lines, witness today’s resignation by Mariner’s CEO Kevin Mathers for clarifying his honest feelings about having to pay an interpreter $75,000 a year for the duration of one of his players, at the same time MLB offers ways and means for all players to learn English – the language their paychecks are written in.

Okay, forget that.

Let’s return to the principle in this matter – Domingo German. The Yankees have a pitcher on their hands who destroyed the league in 2019, going 18-4 while exhibiting body language on the hill in true Yankees tradition of Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera.

Who Is Domingo German As A Contributing Yankee Now

But what is he now?

Domingo German hasn’t faced a major league batter in God knows how long. He comes into Yankees camp on the same plateau as Jordan Montgomery, Deivi Garcia, Michael King, and Clarke Schmidt, all in pursuit of Aaron Boone’s nod to join the rotation.

Corey Kluber, MLB Cy Young Candidate 2018
Corey Kluber, MLB Cy Young Candidate 2018 Photo Credit:

What of Corey Kluber, critics say? He’s been away from baseball for almost the same period as Domingo German – and why does he get a pass to automatically be slotted in the Yankees rotation – pending resolved health issues. Really, is that a question?

Let’s get real. Domingo German has as much chance of cracking the Yankees rotation this spring as you or me. He needs innings and a buildup of arm strength no matter how he is likely to impress in Spring Training.

So, why postpone the inevitable? And more significantly, why prolong the Domingo German Return any longer than today.

Yankees Hard Stand Letting The Chips Fall Where They May

Cancel, not postpone, German’s public press conference. Send him to minor-league camp today where he’s headed for anyways – avoid the drama – and allow him to earn his teammate’s trust where it counts – on the pitcher’s mound.

The Yankees Clubhouse (Photo: Newsday)
The Yankees Clubhouse (Photo: Newsday)

Do you, for instance, think there’s a chance Zack Britton or any Yankee’s player will not welcome Domingo German into their clubhouse and Aaron Boone into his rotation when German is shooting lights out at Triple-A? Not a chance.

We can list and agree on many issues and personnel question marks facing the Yankees between now and Opening Day. Domingo German is one but only one of those attention-getting back-page stories.

German needs a good hard kick in the butt anyway from the Yankees, who lost their Number One starter just as the playoffs began in 2019. Current team members were there, and they remember.

I remember, and so do you.

Domingo German – do your penance in the minor leagues – away from a microphone and your peers. Prove you can get major league hitters out, and not one will ever bother you again about your indiscretions.

Just ask Aroldis Chapman.


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