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Edwin Diaz: You’ve Got The Wrong Guy, Mets Fans

Edwin Diaz did not repeat the spectacular season he had in 2018. Mets fans won’t be happy until he’s loaded on the next cargo plane…

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CC Sabathia, Cooperstown in 2025 (Photo: New York Daily News)
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On Why CC Sabathia Should Be A Hall Of Fame Trendsetter

In 2025, CC Sabathia will appear on the Hall Of Fame Ballot, further testing the criteria for election. Sabathia can cement the new unwritten rules…

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Mets and Yankees Fans of Today (Photo Credit)
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Mets And Yankees: On The Evolution Of Being A Baseball Fan

Both the Mets and Yankees have witnessed an exponential growth in their fan base over the years. But it’s the evolution of those “fans” today…

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Corey Kluber, MLB Cy Young Candidate 2018
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Epic Pitching Dominating Major League Baseball (MLB) In 2018

Most fans of baseball are offense-minded, and they come to the ballpark to witness baseballs flying into the night. But the backbone of MLB is,…

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Ronald Torreyes, New York Yankees
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Yankees Ronald Torreyes: The Victim Of A Blemish On MLB Today

It was a decision no one wanted to make, and ultimately it fell to Aaron Boone to tell Ronald Torreyes he was to report to…

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MLB Tools of the Trade
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MLB Trends: On The Expedited Disappearance Of Position Players

The idea in Major League Baseball (MLB) of having eight players assigned to positions in the field has never made much sense to me from the…

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