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Manny Machado - The $300 Million Man (Photo:
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Manny Machado And The Law Of Diminishing Returns (Part 2)

Unlike the Mets, Red Sox and Yankees, the Padres, faced with a now or never situation to improve, went all in on Machado. They’ll soon regret…

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Manny Machado, the $300 Million Man (Photo: NBC Sports)
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Yankees Can Afford To Chuckle After Machado’s Record $300 Million Deal

The Yankees never pulled out all the stops in trying to sign Manny Machado. He went elsewhere, taking the money on the run. No one…

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Nolan Arenado, A Player's Player Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports
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Yankees: Pass On Machado, Lock Up Didi, And Wait For Nolan Arenado

The Yankees are in the thick of things in the competition for free agent Manny Machado. But a better plan exists to help the team……

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Manny Machado, 2019 Free Agent, Photo Credit: New York Post
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Manny Machado Would Change The Yankees Franchise Forever

It almost seems like Manny Machado, finding himself in the national spotlight of the playoffs for the first time in his big league career, could…

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