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Alex Rodriguez - A Serious Bid (
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Alex Rodriguez: On Why He Will Make A Great Team Owner

Alex Rodriguez is a man tempered by time, stupidity, and embarrassment. His maturation as a man hasn’t come easy, which is why he’d be a…

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2021 free agents - who can withstand a lost season (
Posted in Analysis MLB 2021 Free Agents

MLB 2021 free agents: winners and losers from the lost season

The 2021 MLB free agents class are ready to cash in after six years of indentured servitude. But with no season, how will they fare?…

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Robo-Umpire A long Time Coming MLB (
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The Robot Umpire: The technology is there – it makes no sense not to use it

The Robot Umpire is not prone to human error, and it never has a bad day. In 2018, home plate umpires made 34,294 mistakes. How…

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Mickey Mantle - The Mick
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Mickey Mantle thrown under the bus again by a “tell-all” author for a buck

Mickey Mantle has been dead for a quarter-century. There isn’t a baseball fan alive who isn’t familiar with his lifestyle off the field. Repeat after…

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The A-Rod/J-Lo Team bidding to buy the Mets
Posted in Analysis Mets Team Sale

A-Rod J-Lo team shopping in Mets bargain basement a work in progress

The A-Rod J-Lo team is not kidding. They can smell a good deal, and with the Wilpons bleeding cash, a bargain-basement closeout sale is within…

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Mickey Mantle and Bob - Yankee Teammatesby Richardson
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Mickey Mantle and Bobby Richardson: A Most Unusual Friendship

Mickey Mantle and Bobby Richardson were teammates on those great Yankee teams of the early 1960s. It could have ended there, but somehow the bond…

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Pete Alonso, Mets Hero
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MLB: No more extra-inning games – winner gets decided by a HR Derby

One way or another, MLB is going to change the way extra-inning games are decided. Why not stop play after the ninth and a home…

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Mickey Mantle - The Mick
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Mickey Mantle: Lost boy, womanizer, Hall of Famer, alcoholic and more

Mickey Mantle wore life on his sleeve. He hid nothing from us, the good, bad, and the ugly. He had a reason to be so…

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