Alex Rodriguez Cries Foul: Mets Fans React With Anger And Vigor

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Mets fans are having none of Alex Rodriguez’s claim that the Mets sale was “fixed.” Here’s a sample of comments received from readers.

Mets fans reading yesterday’s column for Reflections On Baseball reacted swiftly and vociferously to the pro-A-Rod tone I presented in the article.

New York Mets Fans
New York Mets Fans Photo Credit: New York Daily News

Although I did present the character failings of Alex Rodriguez, apparently it wasn’t enough to offset the overwhelming, and sometimes vicious, comments that came from various Metland themed Facebook Group readers.

To be sure, I was unaware of the deep feelings of discontent Mets fans have towards Rodriguez. Cited as a cheater and a phony, my suggestion that A-Rod’s “sins” palled in comparison to Steve Cohen’s guilt for insider trading that cost hundreds of people their life savings did not sway anyone.

In any event, here is a sampling of the comments received from readers of Rodriguez Bombshell: Cries Foul Ball – Mets Sale In A New State Of Chaos.

Nothing is edited. Language may be offensive to some readers.

Amazing Mets, Amazing Fans

The Shea Faithful




The 7 Line


Well, there you go. As I said, the intensity behind most of these comments surprised me.

Now, if the Rodriguez haters really want to get angry, try this one on that I wrote a while back titled: Alex Rodriguez: On Why He Will Make A Great Team Owner.

Thanks to all the more than 700 readers who plunged into and reacted to yesterday’s column. That’s what this is all about. (

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