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MLB In Crisis (Photo: livejournal.com)
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MLB in crisis mode: Act now or forever wish you had

MLB, in the real business world, is an alien entity. In crisis mode, the party could soon be coming to a close… Major League Baseball…

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Yoenis Cespedes - injured and out for a year and a half (Photo: yahoosports.com)
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Mets: Take the cue from the Yankees and release Yoenis Cespedes

By nature, the Mets tend to stay away from any association with the Yankees. But in this case, they should follow their rival’s lead… The…

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Jacoby Ellsbury - Exiled by the Yankees (Photo: Pinstripe Alley)
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Yankees: The long arm of justice finally reaches Jacoby Ellsbury

The Yankees are grieving Jacoby Ellsbury for breach of contract, and they want their money back. What took them so long? The Yankees, in the…

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