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Brett Gardner takes out Max Muncy (Photo: Kevin Kuo AP)
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Brett Gardner: ‘Ole Reliable’ Will Again Be Yanks Most Valuable Outfielder

Brett Gardner is a New York Yankee by default. Signed as an insurance policy to protect an outfield decimated by injuries, he’ll prove to be…

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Brett Gardner - Distractions, no thank you (NJ.com)
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Yankees Brett Gardner: Man, can we like just get this thing going?

Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner was never your proto-typical ballplayer or Yankee. A bundle of energy etched in a sculpted body, he says, win it….

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Brett Gardner - On board for 2020 (Photo: New York Post)
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Yankees: Sorry, we’re closed for the season. The Taxman waits for his cut.

The Yankees, with the signing of Brett Gardner, will close the books on payroll additions for the 2020 season. With the Taxman looming, they’ve done enough……

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Brett Gardner takes out Max Muncy (Photo: Kevin Kuo AP)
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Yankees: Gardner’s deal is not a fait accomplis until it’s done – do it now!

The Yankees are ever so close to re-signing Brett Gardner for his thirteenth season with the team, but until it’s done, it’s not. Let’s wrap…

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Yankee Stadium's Great Hall (Photo: New York Times)
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Are the Yankees being a bit too coy with Brett, Didi, and Dellin

Presently, the Yankees are at risk of losing three key players to free agency. But when you tell your significant other, they can date other…

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Short Porch Yankees Stadium (Photo: BleacherReport)
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Yankees: If Didi isn’t the much needed left-handed bat – then who is?

Do the Yankees suffer from having a predominantly right-handed lineup? The old school says yes. But pickings for free-agent lefties are slim. What now? The…

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Yankees target - Francisco Lindor 2020 (Photo: LetsGoTribe)
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Yankees: Lindor + Gardner + Odorizzi = Cole (a better strategy)

Yankees fans looking for a big splash signing this winter are likely to end up disappointed. It has nothing to do with money – just…

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