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Scott Boras: The Man Who Delivers The Goods
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Scott Boras: The man who can save the MLB players’ union and maybe baseball

Scott Boras is not the most likable person navigating the MLB planet. But he has the wits and the drive to lead the MLBPA out…

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MLB - The Money Trail To Rule Changes
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MLB: New York Ballplayers And The Slippery Slope Of Endorsements

For MLB players who enjoy the limelight, the Big Apple is the place to be. And for the right player at the right time, income…

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Baseball - Tools Of The Trade
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MLB: My War With W.A.R. (Wins Above Replacement) Is Over

As a fan of MLB baseball for more than a half-century, it’s taken some time to buy into the analytics thing which rules baseball today….

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On Putting MLB Salaries In Perspective – Because We Need To

The plight of this year’s free agent class has delighted some fans who hold fast to their belief that MLB salaries are way out of…

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MLB 2020: Tools of the Baseball Trade
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MLB Salaries: Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone

John F Kennedy, who should know since he took a bullet to his head driving down a street in Dallas one day, once remarked that…

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