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Gary Sanchez "talking" with Masahiro Tanaka
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MLB: On Why SSL And ESL Should Have Equal Footing For All Players

MLB Editorial: Bilingualism is a rarity in baseball. Interpreters enable. All players should be encouraged to earn a bonus by learning ESL or SSL.  MLB…

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Baseball facing a new world of indecision
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If baseball carried on during WWII, why can’t we have games now

Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are…

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MLB: The Steroids Era (ESPN)
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MLB: Making the case to legalize some steroids (TBD) to keep players on the field

MLB teams struggle to keep their players on the field. Perhaps it’s time to re-consider the controlled use of steroids to avoid and quickly heal…

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MLB - Elected by no one (Photo: stevetobak.com)
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MLB Editorial: Domestic violence “investigations” belong elsewhere – not MLB

MLB has a power no other entity, including the President, enjoys. They “investigate” and police themselves – and they get away with it… By whose…

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Jacob deGrom, The New Era Starting Pitcher (Photo: theathletic.com)
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Jacob deGrom: A Test Case That Certifies A New Era In Baseball

If Jacob deGrom wins his second successive Cy Young, it will mark a turning point in how starting pitchers are viewed in baseball. We didn’t…

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Trump Sending Cuban Ballplayers Back To Makeshift Rafts

President Donald Trump, leader of the free world, has issued an order ending the agreement between MLB and the Cuban Baseball Federation…Sad… In January 2011, Fox…

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A Dying Breed, The Casual Fan Of Baseball (Photo: money.com)
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If MLB Is Truly Listening, Here’s What Casual Fans Are Thinking

If Major League Baseball (MLB) is genuinely listening to what its fans are saying – Joe Torre and Rob Manfred – here you have it…

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Minor League Players - Poverty Level (Photo: Yahoo Sports)
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Minor League Players Pay Gets Pummeled By Congress And MLB

Minor League players know the burden they assume when they sign on with a major league team. But the U.S. Congress didn’t need to pile…

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