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Are the Mets being over-deliberate in hiring a manager

The Mets offseason began as one of eight teams seeking a new manager. Five teams have quickly filled the void. Is there an overabundance of…

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Eduardo Perez, Candidate Mets Manager (Photo: Newsday):
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Mets 2020: Oh No, Here’s Another Good One – Eduardo Perez

The Mets search for a new manager should be shrinking, not expanding. And yet, another qualified candidate has emerged, and he’s a good one… The…

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Carlos Beltran Interview Mets: (Photo: New York Post)
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Mets: Carlos Beltran “Transcript” Of His Interview With Brodie

The Mets are working their way through the list of candidates for the job as manager. This is how the interview with Carlos Beltran went……

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Joe Girardi - The Interview Is On (Photo: SNY)
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The Mets Will Interview Joe Girardi – Or – Is Girardi Interviewing The Mets

The Mets will be interviewing Joe Girardi this week for the open manager’s position. Or, is it that Joe Girardi will be interviewing the Mets……

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