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MLB - Elected by no one (Photo: stevetobak.com)
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MLB Editorial: Domestic violence “investigations” belong elsewhere – not MLB

MLB has a power no other entity, including the President, enjoys. They “investigate” and police themselves – and they get away with it… By whose…

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Domingo German, Yankees Starting Pitcher (Photo: NJ.com)
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Yankees: What Will They Do With Their Alleged Wife Beater

The Yankees brand extends to “rules” that even govern the length of their player’s facial hair. What will they do when faced with Domingo German……

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Yankees Mystique - Wearing The Pinstripes (Photo: Amny_
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Domingo German: Pray Tell Young Man, What Have You Done?

Domingo German has left the Yankees high and dry. Usually, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But we’ll see. The timing couldn’t be worse for another…

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