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Clint Frazier: New Approach (New York Post)
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Clint Frazier: It’s Time The Yankees Name Him As A Regular In The Lineup

Clint Frazier is finally a regular in the Yankees lineup. It’s about time the front office says – “We’re going with Clint” – a la…

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Gary Sanchez and Clint Frazier - Explosive? Not yet.
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Gary Sanchez and Clint Frazier: Defensively inept but not treated the same – Why?

Gary Sanchez and Clint Frazier share modest defensive skills and explosive bats. One is the Yankees “pet project”, the other is almost off the board….

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Clint Frazier 2020 flying under the radar (NY Post)
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Clint Frazier: “At the end of the day, you can’t change who someone is”

Clint Frazier is not the person who uttered those words. They come from a teammate who seems to have a pulse on the Yankees outfielder….

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Clint Frazier - A Troubled Young Man (Photo: AP)
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Clint Frazier: A Disillusioned And Frustrated Young Man’s Call For Help

 Clint Frazier is a troubled young man who happens to be a New York Yankee. I put the two together because they cannot be separated……

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Clint Frazier's Powerful Bat. Does he have the power to save himself? (Photo: SI.com)
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Clint Frazier – A Baseball Story And A Career Going Nowhere

Clint Frazier – A victim of serious injuries, yes. But he’s also been prone to shooting himself in the foot too. All in all, a…

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