Jacob deGrom, The New Era Starting Pitcher (Photo: theathletic.com)
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Jacob deGrom: A Test Case That Certifies A New Era In Baseball

If Jacob deGrom wins his second successive Cy Young, it will mark a turning point in how starting pitchers are viewed in baseball. We didn’t…

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Mariano Rivera, Baseball mHOF, Class of 2019 Photo Cresit: Business Insider
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Mariano Rivera: Our Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You

In a nation that can’t seem to agree on anything these days, wouldn’t it feel good if just 500 citizen/writers could see eye to eye…

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Mariano Rivera, Hall of Fame 2019 Photo Credit: Fox 5 TV
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Mariano Rivera: Unanimous In Our Book, But There’s Always One Writer…

Fittingly, Mariano Rivera’s election to the Baseball Hall of Fame (HOF) is a foregone conclusion. The only mystery is if he will become the first…

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