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Mike Tauchman, New York Yankees Outfielder
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Yankees: Final Analysis Logic Says Keep Tauchman And Let Bruce Go

The Yankees are keeping us guessing, but tomorrow it all ends. More and more, it’s looking like Tauchman is the keeper, and logic says so….

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Yankees Roster Battle: Mike Tauchman and Jay Bruce (NY Post)
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Yankees Schedule Gives Room To Keep Tauchman And Bruce For A While

For the Yankees, it’s crunch time to decide their final roster. With reason to keep both Tauchman and Bruce, the schedule can let it happen….

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Tyler Wade, Yankees Mr. Versatility (NorthJersey.com)
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Yankees: More and more versatility trumps all in making roster decisions

While the Yankees can’t expand the number of players on their roster, its depth can be stretched by rewarding versatility. So, expect these cuts soon….

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Yankee Stadium (Photo: AAA.com)
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Yankees: Report says they’re looking for a Paxton replacement – Nonsense!

The Yankees’ loss of James Paxton is nothing to slough off. But the jump to find an outside replacement is misguided and unneeded. At least…

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